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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lorenzo is not pleased at what Isabella did, walking on dark parking lots alone with Laura on the loose. She told him she’d only gone shopping for new clothes and underwear but promised never go out alone again. Giacormo was furious with Laura for going out of the boutique; she ran the risk of getting caught, Laura on the other hand was hell bent on killing Isabella before she left Peru for good. Alex showed up again to see Isabella, who jumped out of her skin in fright, thinking it was Laura. The shameless fool wanted more money, he was spending more than he thought and wanted to buy an expensive wedding gown for Sylvia as well as the honeymoon trip to Europe. Isabella wanted Alex to take Sylvia away, far away from Lorenzo for good but wondered if Sylvia would agree to leave Peru.

Nattie and Sylvia are very surprised when Alex returned to the factory with 2 plane tickets, they were going to fly abroad and get married on a beach, on Sunday-a moonlight ceremony-much to Nattie’s dismay.
Later on she phoned Lorenzo to let him know, he couldn’t believe the wedding was going to happen so soon. Isabella suddenly interrupted the phone conversation, as she had a very important business proposal which will save the present situation and Sylvia would still get her payment; she, Isabella, would buy the entire merchandise, to his amazement. He asked her how would she get so much money to pay for it, she replied her late husband had left her a huge estate. But, she reminded him of the last clause in her contract; as she was putting in a very large amount of money, he would have to give her 51% share of Paracas Textiles, which was fair and reasonable. Lorenzo was furious and incredulous, his eyes finally opened. He said, ‘Did you plan this crisis so that it would be up to you to save the company, and I'll have to stay with you?’

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