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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Tony and Conan have a serious talk in a bar, to clarify situations. They reach a gentleman’s agreement and Conan assured him he’ll always be recognised & given his rights as the father of the baby. The animosity was finally over.

Lorenzo is informed of Laura’s arrest, Isabella also told him she’d been asked by the inspector to testify. Lorenzo remarked she could now rest easy. Isabella agreed but the only thing missing was Lorenzo’s answer to her earlier proposal. But Lorenzo replied he was going to use Sylvia’s instead, which made her fly into one of her violent tempers. Lorenzo calmly pointed out Sylvia’s contacts were very professional people, well prepared to deal with the overflowing merchandise & their proposal was very good for the company. But Isabella refused to calm down (Sylvia had spoilt her show ONCE AGAIN); she accused him of desperately being eager to ingratiate himself with his beloved Sylvia instead of thinking business wise. Lorenzo replied that his decision to follow Sylvia’s idea wasn’t influenced by his feelings towards her. Isabella is almost in tears, feeling helpless at Lorenzo’s firm decision about Sylvia’s proposal. Lorenzo pointed out that Sylvia’s contacts weren’t asking for large favors & weren’t going to swindle or defraud the company. Isabella shouted that he didn’t know what he was missing, not having her as his partner. Lorenzo insisted that Sylvia’s proposal was good, ‘why not read it before blowing it off?’
‘I’m not interested,’ was her answer and she stormed out.

Later on, Lorenzo went to the police station to make his own statement and branched at his soon-to-be EX-WIFE'S cell. Laura was ver cynical towards him; she believed he'd come to gloat over her downfall but he denied it. She insisted that she was'nt at all finished- she was still going to carry out her revenge on Isabella. He pointed out it would take a long time because the charges levelled on her were very serious. But she's not discouraged at all, she had a lot of patience to wait until that time came to definitely carried it out. Lorenzo urged her to repent all the evil she'd committed but she's defiant. ' Never.' she snapped.
'Bye then.' said Lorenzo.
'Goodbye, Lorenzo.' she replied, unemotionally.(I think she'd finally realised their marriage was really over)

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