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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lorenzo tells Isabella that Sylvia was going to marry Alex. Pretending to be sympathetic, she asked why was that so but he sullenly refused to discuss it further with her.
Later on, he visits Sylvia at the factory(refusing to give up) to make sure Laura hadn't harmed her in any way and discussed her decision to be with Alex instead of him. She replied that she was the sort of person who thought things over carefully before making a decision and the only sort of relationship she could have with Lorenzo now was a business one. Lorenzo insisted he didn't want her to get hurt by Alex again, but she assured him it won't happen since Alex really loved her.
Tony is still adamant that Conan mustn't show up at his wedding; as the father of the child he had the right to decide who should be present or not(some husband you'll turn out to be).
The police arrived at the boutique to question Giarcomo about his friendship with Laura; he informed them they'd stopped being friends a while back.
Isabella called an urgent meeting; she informed Lorenzo and Horsy that her Italian contact, Estefano, had been arrested for tax evasion, thus the order has been cancelled! Lorenzo wondered what on earth was he going to do with all that mechandise in the stores, gave Horsy some orders and left the room. Isabella is pleased, the plan was shaping up more than nicely; now she had acheived what she really wanted- Paracas Textiles being bankrupt. Horsy asked , would'nt it affect her too? But Isabella informed her that Estefano's company was fictitious all along(which explained why Orlando could'nt find it on the Internet & why she was so uptight about her being the only one to speak to Estefano over the phone), now she was free to innocently act the part of Lorenzo's saviour.(FIRST CLASS BITCH!)

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