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Saturday, March 14, 2009


After Lorenzo left, the inspector told Laura that Giarcomo had been arrested for hiding her. However, Laura replied he never knew she was there; since she used to work at the boutique, she had her own set of keys to let herself in.(didn't see that coming, I admit)
Back at the office, Horsy Gloria actually confessed that Isabella had planned the whole so called financial crisis! Of course Lorenzo was absolutely furious at the deceit & betrayal and the fact that his suspicion had been correct after all; he couldn't believe he'd asked Isabella how'd she'd pay for the merchandise she'd offered to buy from him. He asked why Horsy hadn't told him, she replied Isabella had threatened her but now the fictitious crisis wouldn't work. Lorenzo told her he'll look into the whole affair & make a decision.(yeah, by firing the bitch I hope!)

Nattie & Tony heard about Giacormo's arrest and hurried to the police station. He is very pleased to see Nattie, asking if she'll continue visiting if he became an inmate, which made her laugh but she looked worried at the same time about his fate. The inspector then came in & repeated what Laura had told him; he was free to go. The three gather for a group hug.
Meanwhile, Lorenzo made a phone call to a friend of his at the bank, asking for a huge favour, an enquiry about a personal account.
When Sylvia returned home in the evening, Nattie told her Lorenzo had accidentally overheard a conversation Alex had over the phone earlier that day. Sylvia got angry & asked when would they all stop trying to change her mind about marrying Alex?
Sighing, Nattie said Sylvia could yell at her all she wanted but there was something she needed to see. She handed her cousin a piece of paper, adding she was free to do want she liked AFTER reading the contents of the paper. Sylvia takes it and reads...

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