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Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Photo 1: Carly's all smiles, beautiful eyes aglow. This was the time when DAYS OF OUR LIVES wasn't the ruin we're being subjected to right now and when the writers actually produced real story
 lines that kept the viewers on their seats.

Not so in Photo 2: Carly's depressed, alone and from the strong woman I remember to  a drug addict. Bo's back with his wife, she's dead to her son and the nightmares of her late husband she'd kept at bay now haunt her, hence her idea of a solution...DRUGS.

So far, from what I've heard Crystal Chappell has been giving a fabulous performance but personally I'm not pleased. On one hand, I can appreciate the fact that even the strongest person on earth reach a breaking point and Carly's gone through and put up with a LOT before and after she returned to Salem.
On the other hand, not only did the writers make her appear as Bo's fall back, but now they've cast her aside. With the way Bo and Hope are now, it's as if Bo has simply erased Carly; as if those blissful months they spent as a couple  or the promises he made to her NEVER happened at all. Considering their beautiful history I didn't expect Carly of all characters to be treated this way; to be used as an interloper between Bo and his wife but then again, it's a well known fact the current DAYS writers simply don't care about their history. If they did, Bo and Carly will have the long continuity they deserve instead of their love portrayed as a new and forbidden thing.

Now, what's the way forward for Carly now? With Bo out of the picture and she refusing to confide in the few friends she has left,  she's very much alone and sinking further and further in despair. I'm really so sad for this character, the true happiness she had was with Bo and both times, they were short lived. Carly deserves so much more than this- if she was to be the interloper, why bring her back to DAYS in the first place? One would think that with the turbulent lives she and Bo have put up with all those years apart, this would be the time for a new chapter for them, but we're yet to see that happen, if EVER.
I would like to think Carly will have a new love but I can't imagine her loving another as much as she loved Bo. But what I REALLY want right now for Carly to be off those drugs soon enough. After that, let's see how the rest of her stay in Salem play out.


  1. I love this blog.

  2. ITA! The writers are the problem with Days at the moment! I'm not sure of one fanbase that is happy with their characters storyline. It's such a shame that history is being ignored across the board and on all levels!
    As for Carly's SL I'm enjoying it, CC is knocking it out of the park but I would like her off the drugs soonish. I'm looking forward to Carly exploring her past with Lawrence and Nicholas returning and I'm also totally ready for Bo to step in at any time and rescue her from her demons!

    1. Days had such an honest and true love story with Bo and Carly and they lost it back in '93. HUGE mistake. When they had the opportunity to revive the ULTIMATE couple, they blew it again. Bo and Carly are a fictional couple that just make the world believe that love can conquer all. I think that that may be one of the things the world needs right now. Maybe SOMETHING to believe in; and Bo and Carly let you see that could be done.


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