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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What makes Bo and Carly special?

 Veteran fans of the duo Carbo were thrilled when Carly returned to DAYS late 2009; new Carbo followers were immediately  enchanted by her and both groups enjoyed watching her and Bo rekindle an old love that was obviously still there. Even though they're apart again right now; we're still not giving up on them and they WILL be together again as long as we keep our voices loud and clear to the DAYS producers and writers that we want Bo and Carly to stay. The current situation in the show's  really breaking my heart but I  just can't stomach the writers' 'misdirection' right now, if you get my drift. 
But the subject of today's post; while we Carbos say that it's time that Bo and Hope finally call it a day after years of on and off again- let's also explore this burning question; why are Bo and Carly so exceptionally special, considering they had only 3 years together as a couple? 
I still don't know the exact answer to that, but as far as I've seen from the old episodes, Bo and Carly's love is not only deep and mature, but also predestined, if you take a good look at their three memorable encounters( I explored this in my Bo and Carly fan fiction).
 In 1990, their first meeting was at Bo's pier a few days after Carly's arrival in Salem, not long after Hope's 'death'. But it later turned out it wasn't their REAL meeting, it actually took place in Alamania six years back.During Bo, Hope's (And Shawn D's) cruise round the world, they had docked at Alamania and  Bo had seen Larry and Carly arguing (she  was breaking up with him) and when Larry tried to stop her from leaving, Bo picked a fight with Larry and Carly was able to escape. Of course at that time Bo and Carly barely caught a glimpse of each other's faces at the time so there was no way they were able to recognize each other years later at the pier during the protest against Jencon. The Alamania encounter was revealed to the viewers much later in a flashback sequence when Bo told the story to Carly much later , thinking the fist fight (which, by the way, he won hands down) was the reason why Larry was after him, not knowing Carly was the girl in question.
The third encounter as we all know, took place in Bo's living room; he tackled an intruder, only to discover it was his ex fiancee whom he hadn't laid eyes on for 16 years.
Even when they were together back in the day, it was more than obvious that Bo and Carly had a very special bond, the way they looked at each other, all the things they said to each other the whole time, especially during the beautiful symbolic wedding they had on top of El Castillo (which I hope they'll go back to some day).

The love,  bond and the chemistry has always been there but the DAYS writers don't seem to care about their history but thank God that we still do. When we say we want Bo and Carly to stay together for a a very long time, it's because we have valid reasons, not because  of any form of bias against Hope. So please, I need everyone to do this: in the comment line, write exactly what you think makes Bo and Carly so special. And please view this 'lost' montage. I had to upload it in You Tube using another track, thanks to their annoyingly strict rules. Remember, feel free to make your voices heard!

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