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Sunday, June 15, 2014


This match was definitely going to be A CLASH OF TWO TITANS; England vs Italy- two huge football nations with very skilled football teams. Like the match between Spain and Holland; this is definitely going to be a very volatile battle but then again what does one expect when countries like England and Italy meet on the field... a battle among several of Europe's greatest players. I honestly couldn't wait to see how this match would play out, it's going to be really exciting. And I will openly say; while I love the Italians, I'm rooting for the English players to win- they are very, very good. The excitement in the air here is catching as we wait for the Brits and the Italians to come out...

And they filed  out, the Italians in blue and the Brits in white (each player even cuter than the next) and the national anthems are performed and recited. The viewers wait in anticipation for the starting whistle.

And the match began! Within minutes Italy goes for a goal and immediately defended... the Brits are definitely determined not to  make it easy for them. Neither would the Italians... England's Sterling goes for a goal and it was sharply saved. Another near goal for England but again saved by the keeper, Sirigu ( hope I got the spelling right). The Italians pass the ball, trying to keep it away from the Brits and go for the first goal. Almost got near the net but I think pressure got them a tad distracted. The Italians however were determined to keep the ball away from the Brits.
10 mins already and a goal was yet in sight. A clean save by the English goal keeper and yet another 'almost goal' for Italy.
The two titans kept  battling; who on earth would score first???  Keepers from both sides cleanly saved the ball.

Free kick to England...

Another save from the English goal keeper and it's already 18 mins in the game as the fans impatiently wait for the goal. Sterling tried again but was swiftly  blocked by De Rossi.
England almost got a goal by Danny Welbeck but no... Andrea Barzagli was there and immediately defended. And that was so close!
Still no goal.  De Rossi tripped over a Brit and narrowly escaped a yellow card.
Moments later Italy gets its first corner kick... and at last a GOAL from Claudio Marchisio ... (grrr....!)
But oh joy... Daniel Sturridge scored for England few minutes later, YAY... 1-1!!! Talk about an immediate equalizer! But it looked like one of their guys on the bench got injured somehow as he was taken away on a stretcher. Wonder what could have happened.
Moving on...
Over the net went the ball as Italy tried for another goal. 2 more minutes added...

England's keeper Hart saved twice, by the skin of his teeth I might add.

And the whistle was born, end of First Half.


The fans at the stadium waited for the titans to come out and continue the battle; I was confident England would end up owning the game.

The whistle blown and on they went. Good save by Sirigu as England tried for a second goal.
An unexpected 'header goal' from Balotelli, making the score 2-1. (Grrr again...) COME ON ENGLAND!

England tried to equalize but the ball whizzed past the net. Pressure being felt no doubt. And again SO CLOSE by Sturridge! Gerrad takes a corner kick, and another very close attempt!
Italy's Verratti got substituted for Thiago Motta. England desperate to equalize; Sterling especially.

Danny Welbeck got  replaced by Ross Barkley.  Rooney almost made a second goal for England, but missed!

Several minutes later, a corner kick for England but it's saved fast. Come on guys...
Manoeuvring and passes...

Another corner kick for England and a sub for Italy. Kick and header, doesn't go in- attempt, whizzed past the net.

Sub: Balotelli for Ciro Immobile (They're  kidding me, that's a real name? )

The Brits keep at it and over goes Sturridge as he's collided with. Free kick! Alas, cleanly saved... this Italian keeper is very good I admit! However, I refused to give up  on the Brits.

And another sub call from Italy (yah, rub it in!) Antonio Candreva for Marco Parolo.

And from England, Sturridge- and limping poor chap- went and in came Adam Lallana.

83 mins, which meant 7 mins left; the England fans are shown and they didn't look pleased.
Free kick awarded to England after De Rossi collided with Lallana but over the net went the ball again when Gerrard took the shot. England's not having a good day.

Not much time left...

Sterling made an attempt but blocked by Italy's defense.

2 more minutes added.
Oh no... another collide and Sterling got a yellow card!

Free kick for Italy but bounced off the bar. Phew...

Final whistle and the match is over.

Italy 2, England 1.
Did NOT see that coming. But all the same, congratulations to the Italians.

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