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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


With our victory against Bosnia; a lot is expected from the Super Eagles today as they tackle Argentina. And from what our technical analysts discussed, three of them former Super Eagles Austin Eguavoen  and Taribo West and retired international footballer John Fashanu; what is mostly expected from the guys today is defence. And I hope there won’t be any controversial incidents in this match like yesterday’s battle between Uruguay and Italy - the infamous biting episode where Uruguay’s Luis Suarez allegedly bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder and word is, this isn’t even Suarez’ first time but the third in the course of his career. I realise in football matches- especially international tournaments like the World Cup- there’s a lot of pressure but what the hell was Suarez thinking doing such a juvenile thing; and he wasn’t even punished by the ref! WTF was that? I sincerely hope that biter gets his comeuppance later, an act like that can’t be easily dismissed that way. 


The Super Eagles, looking excited and determined, recited the national anthem when it was played, followed by the Argentines; and led by goal keeper Enyeama- huddled together in prayer after the coin toss and the match began.
Not yet five minutes in the game, Lionel Messiscored Argentina’s first goal... didn’t not see that coming. But didn’t see this either, Ahmed Musa scored ours almost immediately! Wow... wow... wow!!! Good one, guys! But Stephen Keshi really irritated me the way he just stood there with his hands in his pockets- a little more show of positivity, Coach!
An attempt by Argentina but it went against the net outwards, thank God. One of the Eagles, Oshaniwa, committed a foul but I guess got a warning since no yellow card in sight. Emenike tried for our second goal but fell empty. Our Enyeama swiftly kicked away a potential goal, grinning triumphantly... okay, careful of overconfidence, my brother. Ambrose did his bit by defending and another potential goal for Argentina was stopped.
Like our analysts said, good defence from our side is one of the important things needed and so far, that’s what our defenders did.
Free kick for Argentina and a very good save from our Enyeama!
Later on, #13, Oshaniwa went down but luckily got up immediately- as a defender the team couldn’t risk him being injured so his quick recovery was a relief.
Messi almost got a second goal and it was close but the ball simply swept across that Enyeamba didn’t even have to stop it. Ditto Emenike but the Argentine defence was just tough as ours. One good attempt from Osaze but over the net went the ball.
Enyeama narrowly saved a potential goal and it would’ve been a good one considering the distance- but he managed it. Enyeama especially should keep cool and not allow anything distract him.
Sub call from Argentina cam eventually Lavezzi- for- Sergio Aguero, who went down with an injury. I’m not into tattoos and this guy was practically covered with them, (cute butt, though).
Both teams played very well, particularly when it came to defence and I don’t think I’ve ever watched a match where both teams score a few minutes after kickoff and within minutes of each other, it was just so unbelievable.
Mikel Obi got tangled with an Argentine (for God sake, this guy better be more careful as he’s the one in the team who got a yellow card) and earned Argentina a free kick.
2 minutes was added to the remaining time left and another taken by Messi and Argentina gotit this time, 2-1!  
And the whistle went for the end of the first half.

Second half...

The main hope was that the Super Eagles don’t get into trouble and commit fouls leading to the Argentines being awarded free kicks or worse, penalties.
Ahmed Musa equalized... 2-2; few seconds after the whistle was blown and no doubt the Nigeria Supporters Club went wild.  But bummer,  Omeuro got a yellow card... what did I say earlier about the Super Eagles keeping out of trouble,  we don’t want more free kicks for Argentina. Luckily, Enyeama saved it but didn’t save the goal from the corner kick. 3-2! And minutes later it was Oshaniwa’s turn to get a yellow card. 

Mikel almost made it 3 for us but it was saved... all the same good attempt. 
Argentina's man of the hour was called out and Alvarez went in place of him. 
Babatunde injured his wrist (poor chap) and got replaced by Uchebo.
Trust Enyeama not to go our like that, he blocked a potential 4th goal, keeping it 3-2. At least 3-2 is better than 3-0! 

Sub call from us, Osaze for Nwofor

Musa almost got a 3rd goal for us but got blocked by an Argentine defender... but it's not like the team didnt do their share of defense- Enyeama and our defenders did their very best. Emenike made a good attempt for our 3rd goal but it went wild... so close! Ditto for Argentina, Enyeama just managed to stop the ball. 

4 minutes left...

Side Net! Ambrose tried but got the side of the net! The tension was way high for both teams; the Argentines wanting a 4th goal and the Super Eagles doing their best to equalize again. 
Yet another sub call for Argentina- Higuain  (very hot player) for Biglia

And before we knew it the whistle was blown and the match was over. We didn't win but 3-2 is not bad at all. And the good news, with Iran defeated by  Bosnia 3-1; Nigeria, along with Argentina has made it to the knock out stage. 


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