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Monday, June 02, 2014


According to several sources, 'The Hollywood Pest' who has now been fired from his job at 1+1 (and it  serves him right since he did more of upsetting celebrities and making a fool of himself than doing his job properly), will not serve time in jail for his latest 'prank', instead he's been officially banned from all  Hollywood events and given three years probation, made to do community service plus a year of psychological counselling. About time he was given that!
Vitalli Sediuk keeps maintaining that he's not crazy, he just thinks differently. Please... what do you call sticking your face under an actress' dress, attempting to kiss an actor, pressing your face on crotches, jumping over a barricade to hit an actor on the face AND running around in  a G string on a catwalk during Fashion Week, yet another event he crashed... you call all that normal? But hey... anything to get noticed right... you don't care what you do as long as your not so funny antics are reported!

Personally, I don't believe the freakazoid is going to behave himself; he seems so cocky, so overconfident and full of himself. And, I suspect, he's  not entirely right in the head which is why I'm glad he's going to get some counselling. Behind his creepily warm smiles, hides a guy who has mental  issues. He claimed his 'pranks' are for fun and he doesn't mean any harm well, he needs to know that it's not fun for the celebrities he's been annoying. He doesn't seem to have actually learnt his lesson but maybe, just maybe the court ordered counselling will knock some sense in that thick skull of his.

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