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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Time for the Super Eagles to do battle again, this time with Bosnia and we all pray for them to have a better game than last time! But I must not forget to congratulate our neighbour Ghana for their surprising game with Germany( yet another team to contend with) which resulted in a 2-2 draw! Ha, majority of the men living next door were so sure Germany would bet Ghana but look what those determined guys were able to do! So let's hope the Super Eagles will be motivated tonight.

The game began rather shaky and Ozaze missed a huge opportunity to give us a goal at last, the ball just zipped past the goal post when he too the awarded free kick after Emenike was tackled. Musa lost a chance too, when he got the post and passed to... NO ONE. No doubt Keshi was at the bench grinding his teeth.
 SO CLOSE AGAIN, Mikel Obi took  the shot and MISSED!
And a hurried save from the Bosnia's goal keeper after an almost goal from Michael Babatunde; they are almost as vigilant as Iran... but let's hope the Eagles eventually get past them- we NEED this win.
Close call for us when Bosnia took a shot, in an off side position. And our keeper returned the favor  they've been showering on us- stopping our goals- by stopping theirs. Strong defense on both sides and very commendable I'm sure but Eagles, we need a goal.

AND IT'S FINALLY A GOAL FROM OZAZE!!! Thank you God... At LAST a goal since we started! *happy dance*

However several minutes later, our Emenike got injured and at first it looked like he would be taken out of the game and replaced but he decided he was strong enough to stay with his teammates. Musa went for a second goal for Nigeria but the Bosnia keeper was quicker.
And the battle goes on, both sides hot and bothered and time going... and before we knew it, it's three minutes before the end of the first half.
Yet another close call for us, an attempted goal from Bosnia goes right over the net instead of in.

And it's the end of the First Half!

We have a goal but the Super Eagles must not rest on their oars or be overconfident- a second goal will make a huge leap for us. Football after all is unpredictable, just about anything could happen.


The Super Eagles and the Bosnian team return and it's back to the game... we're all rooting very hard for our team! Bosnia attempted and the ball went high.

Oh so very very close for a second goal for us but keeper Begovic  was  vigilant and then another attempt but defense remained strong! Grr...

But our Enyeama's just as vigilant as he saved one for us as well, good chap!

Babatunde attempts, so does Emenike but Begovic firmly blocked both... seriously they don't want us to get that second goal before they get their first one! Ha, get past us first, boys.

Musa is replaced by Ameobi- hope that turns out to be a right move.

Babatunde is injured, a tackle seemed to have caused him to move his shin the wrong way but soon he's back in the game.
But down he went again, probably severe cramp. A corner kick for Bosnia, and the ball over the net- close call.

Another sub call from Nigeria, and a limping Babatunde was  replaced by Ejike Uzoenyi.
Oh dear Oh dear... 15 minutes left... nail biting 15 minutes...

Ameobi down- will they STOP hurting our guys please??!- and a free kick is given to us but alas, too high.
Good effort from Ozaze but Begovic- grrr... stopped it AGAIN and oh no, yellow card (our first) to Mikel! Mikel better be more careful, as one of our top players we can't afford to lost him.
Emenike attempts, no go- no thanks to Begovic( who is this guy, The Flash??) the way he moved so fast to grab the ball by the skin of his teeth. Oh... Keshi's scowling again; so is the Bosnian coach, Safet Susic- who like our Keshi is a former footballer.

2 minutes left, plus added time...

A shot from Bosnia goes  wide, Enyeama better NOT keep his eyes off that ball for a second... we need this.
Good save!

Just a few seconds left...

AND A CLOSE CALL, Bosnia's desperate attempt to score resulted in the ball hitting the post!!!
And yay... the whistle is blown... Nigeria 1, Bosnia 0.


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