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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Today is the first match of the 20th FIFA World Cup,  Brazil 2014; between Brazil and Croatia. No doubt in the stadium and in many homes across the world, the air is electrifying; no doubt a lot of supporters for Brazil- a country known for its football reputation. But we must not underestimate other countries mind... back in France '98, the world was stunned when France beat Brazil in the final match and in South Africa 2010, the country was beaten by the Netherlands in the Quarter Finals.
Today, the first goal in the tournament was for Croatia; 11 minutes in the game by Brazilian player Marcelo Vieira, (jersey #6) and no doubt he's going to get a lot of chewing out by his mates and their coach later on for allowing that mishap to happen.
Neymar da Silva Santos Jr (Jersey #10) got a a yellow card but then unexpectedly redeemed himself by making the score 1-1. One would call that a miracle, the last thing any player hopes to get throughout the tournament is the dreaded yellow or red card!
A mishap from a Croatia player (knocking Neymar over) earned Brazil a free kick but alas, over the goal post it went- to the great relief of the Croatia boys no doubt! The game is aggressive from both sides; after all it's the first match- who doesn't want to make a first impression?

I felt rather sorry for Marcelo; not exactly a good performance on his part on the very first day- scoring a goal for the opposing team!  But thanks to Neywmar, they were able to equalise so let's see what's going to happen in the second half!


And they kick off, the air even more tense, no doubt. Another free kick for Brazil but nothing. Brazil for sure wants to live up to its huge reputation of owning a match but like I said earlier, they must learn not to underestimate the opposing team, Crotia appears determined to get on top on the first day. And as this this the first day, just anything can happen! Both teams need a second goal before the whistle is blown...
Croatia called for a sub and Mateo Kovacic (Jersey #20) is replaced by Marcelo Brozovic (Jersey #14). Brazil in turn also called for a substitution- Paulinho (Jersey # 8) for Hernanes (#Jersey #18).

A yellow card for Croatia's Jersey #14 Vedran Corluka , thus a free kick for Brazil again and alas... over the net! And Brazil called for a sub again, Hulk(Jersey #7)  replaced by Bernard (Jersey #20).

 Another mishap and ANOTHER yellow card for Croatia, this time to Lovren( Jersey #6)! Man, these guys are feeling the pressure and this new mishap gives Brazil a penalty!!! Oh dear, Oh dear...
Neymar takes the shot and it goes in to the delight of the Brazilians and the stadium goes wild! Well, Well... what a moment, Brazil 2, Croatia 1!
Minutes later, a near third goal from Neymar and more aggressive playing from both sides... before we know it, 8 minutes remaining. A goal from Croatia is not counted, as it's off-side! Sorry boys.

4 minutes left...

A yellow card for Brazil's Gustavo (Jersey #17) and  Neymar is substituted by Ramires(Jersey #16).

90 seconds...

Another GOAL FOR BRAZIL and more yells from the crowd! 3-1, thanks to Oscar(Jersey #11). Poor Croatia... they tried so hard too.

The final whistle and the match is over.
It's true when they say the first match is always exciting!

Tomorrow, Cameroon vs Mexico


  1. Thanks for the update. Exactly what I needed to keep me abreast of the world cup. Couldn't get to watch it.

  2. Jennifer Ogedegbe12 June 2014 at 23:30

    Thanks for a very well written update. You made football sound interesting (Lol).

    1. lol thank you. I've never written on sports before, I was afraid the post would sound uneven :)


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