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Saturday, June 14, 2014


The anthems of both countries are played and recited; the boys from Down Under ready to do battle with the Chileans. Not exactly familiar with either teams' technique and I don't exactly have a favorite between them so the main thing was to see how this match would play out.

Alexis Sanchez scored Chile's first goal about 11 minutes in the game. Very good start. And then another goal for Chile almost immediately by Valdivia and the crowd goes wild with excitement at that excellent start- two great goals. Almost a third via a free kick given to Chile due to a colliding mishap. Very early in the game it's 2-0. The Down Under boys better sharpen up; they may be intimidated by Chile's early goals but there's still enough time to equalize. 30 mins in the game right now.
Valdivia almost earned Chile it's third goal. Come on Australia, don't go out like that! Mena almost got a shot and it was defended.
And finally a goal for Australia from Tim Cahill. Ha, now they're cooking, 2-1 and ten minutes before the whistle for the end of the first half. So far the first African ref I've seen since the game started- Noumandiez Doue (from Cote d'Ivoire)  has not been getting any lip from any of the players, a good sign.
4 minutes before the end of First Half... will the Down Under boys equalize before then?
A yellow card for Cahill and then a free kick for Chile, no goal. Half Time.

Exciting game, Chile surprised everyone with their early goals but Australia just managed to get one as well. The second half is going to be thrilling, whether Chile would get more goals or Australia would equalize- the world is waiting.

Second Half...
The players are back in the field. More determination on both sides. Down Under called for a sub; Franjic was replaced by McGowan. Later on Australia tries for a goal but as it was off side, was not allowed by the ref. The Down Under boys try their hardest to equalise but Chile kept thwarting them via defence.
Australia gets another yellow card, this time its Mile Jedinak; another sub call from Chile- Vidal replaced by Felipe Gutiererrez.  The atmosphere is more tense as the teams continue to battle hard across the pitch. To be honest, my eyelids were getting heavy and I had to firmly shake my head to keep awake to see the match to the end. Missed just details  but recovered in time to see Australia refused a penalty; it just wasn't their day at all, especially with the scores being 2-1 against them.
And then a goal towards the end of the game for Chile by Beausejour ; making it 3-1!
The whistle is blown and the game is over. Chile's the winner. I didn't root for either team but 3-1 was quite more than I expected. Good game.

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