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Friday, June 13, 2014


First a quick recap of yesterday’s match,
To say the least, yesterday’s match was really volatile. Who would’ve predicted that a match that started badly for Brazil would actually end up a victory for them, 3-1 on the first day of the tournament! Of course Brazil’s football squad has always been a team to contend with and after that mistake from Marcelo Vieira- the “own goal” which gave Croatia its first goal- there was definitely no way they were going to let it get them down. The man of the hour was Neymar; after getting a yellow card, he made up for it by equalizing and then shooting a second goal, via a penalty kick and then an unexpected third from Oscar seconds before the final whistle. Poor Croatia!
Today, Nigeria’s neighbour Cameroon went against the Mexico’s squad and I can’t wait to see how the Lions are going to battle those guys. Mexico has a very  good reputation on the field but Cameroon’s Lions are known to be very fierce and stubborn. I still remember Nigeria-Ghana 2000 where they ruined our hopes at the final match and took home the trophy. Poor Sunday Oliseh sobbed in his jersey and I felt like bawling myself at the pitiful sight.
Anyhow... let’s see how they perform today. Cameroon of course would be  rooted for by us, they are after all our neighbours and them winning maybe be a good omen for us. On the 16th, we’re going to go against Iran- and we need all the prayers and positive vibes we can get.

Today’s match was a snooze fest, compared to yesterday’s. First off the Mexican team recited their national anthem, followed by the Lions; solemn determination on their faces and no doubt praying for victory.
The starting whistle and the match began. The rainy weather didn’t deter the players’ performance- actually both teams played as fiercely as I expected. From what I saw, Cameroon’s Benjamin and Enoh are players to contend with especially as well as Mexico’s Giovanni dos Santos.
Speaking of Santos, he scored but the goal wasn’t counted as it was offside. Bad...
The game goes on and the fierce determination is in every one of those players, despite the pouring rain; Cameroon was stubborn as always but Mexico more so- determined to own the game with their clever manoeuvres and passes while the Lions were determined not to let them. But still, not exactly exciting like yesterday’s first half. An offside goal from Cameroon, much to their frustration and a near one quickly defended by the Mexican guys. By the way, kudos to both teams for being able to play in the rain!
A corner kick for Cameroon, taken by MBia and another near goal but the Mexicans defend! Ah, the Lions maybe stubborn but the hombres meant business! Mexico’s Moreno was especially fierce.

23 minutes and still no goal. Cameroon’s Song got kicked- by accident- by Mexico’s Vaquez so he narrowly dodged a yellow card. And just when I was giving a yawn, a goal from Giovanni dos Santos but no... no.. the ref ruled it to be offside and no doubt Santos and the rest of the team were pissed off! It was bad enough running about in the rain and they get such nonsense thrust at them!
Lord but this match was boring compared to yesterday’s; the players couldn’t help it of course because of the rain but we viewers needed more action than this.
Corner kick given Mexico though it seemed it was supposed to be a penalty; what’s with this hard hearted ref?
Before we knew it, it was half time and it’s 0-0.

Second Half...
Cameroon called for a sub; Djeugoue for Nounkeu and both teams looked more determined as they parry each other over the ball. Mexico’s Moreno is given a yellow card(careful chap) and Cameroon given a free kick, taken by Assou- Ekotto... no goal but so close. Moments later...
GOAL!!! 1 for Mexico , shot by their Peralta. Cameroon’s E’to had a little mishap when he collided with another player. Mexico in turn called for a sub, Guardado for Fabian. And to my surprise, moments later, the man of the hour, Peralta was replaced by Hernandez- why that sudden move I can’t imagine. Giovanni especially stood out with the way he manoeuvred his way across the fields and came close to a second goal but the Lions got him good.
And just after yet another sub by Mexico, the final whistle was blown.

Mexico 1, Cameroon 0. Snooze fest but competitive at the same time. 

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