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Friday, June 13, 2014


Within 27 minutes in the game, Spain got an early lead via an awarded penalty kick taken by Xabi Alonso. Two near goals for Holland as they struggled to equalize; Holland's Blind probably would have scored if not for that rather clumsy move of his. The whole time I nursed the hope this was not going to be another snooze fest. But it looked like the team owning the game was Spain and not surprising- they won the Cup in South Africa 2010. Vrij  was given a yellow card for colliding with a one , the first Dutch player given than earlier on was Jonathan Guzman. Then a very very close goal for Spain but no, the ball went the wrong way!

Yay... then a sudden ' header goal' for Holland.. .the much wanted equalizer! yes, very good and by Persie; the Dutch captain to the delight of the Dutch coach and their supporters who immediately raised the roof as they heartily cheered on the Dutch team on their much deserved goal. This match was certainly a lot more exciting than the previous one. With this equalizer, Holland will be more motivated in the second half.
(By the way, my apologies if my post seems less detailed and uneven, I'm a writer but sports reporter I am not, what I'm doing right now is simply winging it).
Personally, I'm rooting for Holland, mostly because the Technical Adviser we had during TUNISIA '94( WHICH by the way we won)  and  USA '94 is from Holland, our beloved Clemens Westerhof. Call me sentimental or biased but I would like his country to have a shot at winning today's match.

Now for the Second Half...

Yuck, it was raining again; poor chaps... how they could play under that shower, I can hardly imagine. The Dutch keeper prevented a potential goal taken by Iniesta and then a sudden second goal for Holland from Robben! Yay... I knew they had it in them, I just knew it!
Diego Costa almost came to blows with the ref when one of the Dutch players collided with him and got a bit of a blow to the head. Luckily the ref was able to talk him down and the offending player , Bruno Indi narrowly escaped being given a yellow card.  Apparently Costa had a bit of a hot temper so the guy had better watch himself.
Holland almost got a third goal and SO close but the ball hit the top of the goal post but still, a very good attempt. Now, the Dutch owns the game; 2-1 but the previous World Cup winner WILL NOT go out like that, oh no- not with the way they were playing.
And then a sub call by Holland; Jonathan Guzman for Wijnaldum and double sub by Spain; hot head Diego Costa replaced by Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso replaced by Pedro.

And yet another GOAL for Holland!!! 3-1, thanks to Vrij; and how funny, like Neymar he was given a yellow card and then got the chance to redeem himself. Well done!

Yellow card for Casillas.

And alas for Spain, an off side goal and  a foul from Persie, ending him a yellow card. I felt bad for the Spanish guys but Holland truly owned the game now. And they proved it more so... by a fourth goal by the same guy who just got a yellow card... Persie  , 4-1!!
 Man, unless Spain can come up with a new strategy before the final whistle, Holland is going to win the game. Ramos took the free kick awarded to Spain but no goal again.
Vrij is replaced by Veltman and  why the sub when they are already  leading, I honestly don't know.
Sub by Spain as well , Da Silva replaced by Fabregas. Persie was replaced by Lens and the game continued...
FIFTH GOAL by Robben!!!! Oh my God and I was afraid initially this would be a snooze fest, snooze fest nothing... this is by far more exciting than yesterday's! Oh my...

Five  minutes left before the final whistle and the Spanish players on the bench with their coach were clearly not happy at all.
Robben twice attempted a sixth goal but the Spanish keeper valiantly saved it, after all 5-1 was already more than  bad enough! Lens almost makes it but no go and close chance for Spain but alas no, poor Torres.
And the game is over... congratulations Holland!

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