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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Ramona asked Marianna if she was glad she was having a baby. Marianna admitted she was but very sorry it had come about now; with  Luis Alberto so enraged with her. Ramon was confident that Marianna’s pregnancy would bring them back together and Marianna wondered if she should tell Luis Alberto right away. Ramona replied, as soon as possible and she would phone the best hotels in the city to locate him.
However she couldn’t because Luis Alberto had already left Mexico so Ramona sends a telegram. Luis Alberto is in Brazil with his partner, Mr. Duarte to begin their construction project. Mr. Duarte hands him a telegram that had arrived for him. Opening it, Luis read the message: Marianna is pregnant and she needed him. But Luis Alberto’s face hardens instead and doesn’t bother replying.
A few weeks go by and while Luis Alberto is resting on a hammock, he opened his eyes to see Marianna standing over him, looking very pretty in her white suit. Luis Alberto is not pleased to see her, demanding to know what she was doing in Brazil; to tell him in person about the baby.
Marianna actually came because she assumed he didn’t get Ramona’s telegram so she was very hurt by his words, didn’t he care about their unborn child?
‘Why should I?’ was Luis Alberto’s cold question.
Mariana said it’s his baby but he rudely interrupted her, saying it was a lie; what she had in her womb was not his baby but another man’s, just like with Esther when she claimed her baby was when it fact it was Diego’s. Marianna just wanted him to believe otherwise. Marianna should simply take the child to Leonardo after it’s born!
Marianna, some of her old fiery spirit returning, demanded that he listened to her for once but Luis Alberto stubbornly maintained he was not the father and Marianna was only trying to trick him. Twice, Esther had tricked him; a fake pregnancy and then a pregnancy that wasn’t his- two lies. Now Marianna was coming up with the same story. Mariana snapped that her own pregnancy wasn’t fake, they can go to the nearest hospital and he will know. But Luis Alberto said then it must be that imbecile’s child, not his; the imbecile she betrayed him for. Marianna said she never cheated on him, how could he think that of her? Luis Alberto asked, what was Leonardo doing in their bedroom, holding her like that?
Marianna kept insisting it was all a misunderstanding; Leonardo came by to wish them well but alas, Luis Alberto still didn’t believe her, really certain she was carrying Leonardo’s baby and said he hated her and she shouldn’t come looking for him again. (Poor Marianna!)
Summoning one of his workers, he instructed him to take Marianna to the airport and again telling her he didn’t want to see her again; she mustn’t come back. Marianna left, weeping pitifully.
 Luis Alberto sent a telegram to his parents; informing them his work in Brazil was going on well and he’ll be there for another 5 months.
Back in Mexico, Ramona and the other servants take care of Marianna who was having a rather difficult pregnancy; along with stress and worry and she’d lost hope of Luis Alberto returning to her. She is very sad Luis Alberto denied his own child. Ramona consoled her, at least Marianna was wealthy; she had enough to see to the child’s needs. Ramona went upstairs and Maria hands her a letter delivered by the mailman.

It’s a letter from Luis Alberto; he has decided to file for a divorce and suggested that Marianna asked Leonardo to take care of her child since he’s the ‘real father’. Filled with sheer anguish, Marianna fled the house. 

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