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Saturday, May 10, 2014


It’s been more than 20 days since the abduction of 276 school girls from Chibok, Borno State by the terrorist group; Boko Haram. I was devastated the day it was announced on the news and my heart immediately went to the parents who right now must be filled with worry for their daughters and every day offering prayers for their safe return. There have been protests here in Nigeria and many parts of the world condemning this cruel and unbelievable act and demands for everything that needs to be done to bring those poor innocent girls back to their parents, and safe home. I’m not a mother but I was once a teacher and there were several students I got attached to during the course of my teaching career; I cringe at the idea of these men saying they are doing this because “Western Education is Haram (forbidden)” and invoking the name of Allah. I’m glad most people know that these men have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam because real, God fearing Muslims will never do this; they will not go about bombing buildings, killing innocent people or kidnapping innocent children. No, they have nothing to do with Islam. Since that fateful day- April 14th 2014, the country has been on edge waiting for news and getting different reports from the media and so far, 52 out of the school girls have managed to escape and their names listed in the papers. Small comfort... what about the others still out there and probably terrified out of their minds? I don't even want to imagine what the poor girls must be going through as I write this. And what's worse, there were recent reports that the terrorists are even threatening to sell them! 

Why was this done to begin with? Why were these girls taken from their school by the terrorists who disguised themselves as soldiers protecting them and right now having them under their power and sending videos accepting responsibility? What is their motive? What do they actually hope to gain from what they did and all they’ve done in the past and yet, for sure... demand amnesty? It is nothing but twisted, made up ideologies of their own and the gain- to Islamisize the whole of Nigeria- is vague. You do not and cannot force any form of religion on people and violent and cruel acts like this cannot possibly gain anything! And the name itself, Boko Haram... meaning Western Education is forbidden, is this also a means of ending western education in Nigeria? SO MANY PUZZLING QUESTIONS!
But what is really important now is the safe return of the Chibok school girls. I’ve very glad to read that this is a major concern in many countries and Nigeria has been getting support from all sides. With this, we should remain very positive and keep praying for news that they have been found and returned and such a thing will never happen again. What needs to be done should be done so the entire country can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Children are a gift from God and they are to be protected from harm, consoled when sad and educated; not to be subjected to terror and violence like this. This is a very trying and worrying period for Nigeria and all we can do is keep praying, keep protesting until the kidnapped girls from Chibok are safely returned to their parents. The rest of the world... please continue praying for the safe return of our girls.


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