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Monday, May 12, 2014


No matter the huge amount of calories, trans fat and whatever; we are prone to indulging in food that makes us fat; mostly those savoury spicy dishes and  sweet, creamy and sugary deserts and savoury foods  which smells so good and looks so eye catching that we simply can't resist them! But if they are going to make us fat; especially when eaten often, why do we eat them at all?
Well, why not? Food is there to eat for one thing and these days, especially in a country like mine where everyday is a struggle to out food on the table, coping with different kinds of people all the time, one just has to kick back and give oneself a culinary treat once in a while. What makes such  food fall under " guilty pleasures"... besides the amount of calories we're stuffing into our mouths , they are also pricey stuff we can barely afford. But all the same  in spite of  those two flaws, we do indulge them all the same. After all, who can resist!

Mostly indulged here:

SUYA: meat seasoned with various spices, groundnuts and onion; made an sold by Hausa street vendors or in fancy clubs or restaurants.

CHINESE FOOD: It's not to everyone's taste but it's a lot more popular these days as they are now included in most parties' menus and with more chinese restaurants being established.

DONUTS:  Unavoidable even with the sugar!

ISI EWU: The traditional Igbo dish made of goat's head and seasoned with  native spices, pepper & thick sauce (and yes spicy), you'll find this heavily indulged by patrons of beer joints!

ICE CREAM: (especially Blue Bunny) Pricey but what one cannot do without!

MEAT PIES: Next to donuts, the most bought snack in most fast food joints; more than enough to fill your stomach if you missed breakfast or lunch.

PEPPERED CHICKEN: The best of these are found at any branch of Tasty Fried Chicken; pricey... but oh so worth it!

BLACK FOREST CAKE: Chocolaty, Creamy and irresistible even to the  dieters among us!

SHAWARMA : Really Really popular here;  so much so that meatpies have somehow taken a back seat .Beef, chicken, sausage and even vegetarian... it's a guilty pleasure gladly bought often.


Ah... not only a guilty pleasure, but a very addictive one! No matter the flavor; you tell yourself just a few and save the rest later but you can't! You eat more and more of these delicious potato crisps, even though they are loaded with calories, and immediately long for more!

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