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I think more viewers are drawn to telenovelas because of the  unbelievably handsome leading men and supporting actors (as well as the beautiful leading ladies) far more than the story itself! And can they help it? Absolutely not, it only makes the story lines even more appealing!

Here we go...

WILLIAM LEVY: (Oh... be still my beating heart!!!) The 33 year old Cuban actor came to our screens via the fourth version of Tu O Nadie (No One But You), Sortilegio (Love Spell)  as Alejandro 'Alex' Lomardo; thus making him the 'fourth Antonio'. He has starred in other telenovelas including Cuidado con el Angel (Don't Mess With An Angel), his current telenovela being La Tempestad.


currently 'the favorite one' (at least I think so) after he starred in Cuando Seas Mia and Catalina y Sebastian with his beautiful co-star, Silvia Navarro. He has starred in two more telenovelas with Silvia; La Calle de las Novias (Street of Brides) and La Heredera (The Heiress). Aside from acting, he also practices Law.

ROGELIO GUERRA: The now 78 year old actor is best  known as Luis Alberto in The Rich Also Cry; starring along with Veronica Castro.


The veteran Dominican born actor was introduced to Nigerian screens via Tu O Nadie(No One But You), which he starred along with Lucia Mendez. Several years later, we  saw him again in Cuerpo Del Deseo(Second Chance) as Don Pedro Jose Donoso whose soul is transferred into the body of a young farmer.

At 72, he still turns heads and very much the ladies' man!


The 48 year old Brazilian actor played Marcus in Mulheres de Areia (Secrets of the Sands; Sand Women), starring with Gloria Pires. He has also done stage plays and is a director.


The 43 year old played Lorenzo in La Mujer De Lorenzo (Lorenzo's Wife), with Adriana Louvier. He has starred in other telenovelas including Luisa Fernanda with Scarlet Ortiz( whose real life husband played Lorenzo's rival for Silvia's affections in La Mujer de Lorenzo).


He played a dual role in Rose Salvaje(Wild Rose); as Richard- Rose's husband and as Roger- Rose's brother-in-law & Richard's twin. Years before Rosa Salvaje  he played Beto; the long lost son of Mariana and Luis Alberto in The Rich Also Cry. The 56 year old actor is also a singer, voice actor and bullfighter.


 was in La Hija De Jardinero (The Gardener's Daughter) with Mariana Ochoa as Carlos Eduardo; Luisa Fernanda's love interest/stepbrother.


He played Jose Armando in Esmeralda, Carlos Daniel in La Usurpadora( The Usurper)  and Luis Fernando in the remake of The Rich also Cry- Maria la del Barrio (Maria of the Slums, Humble Maria or Maria of the Borough).   
He has other telenovelas to his credit.


 The Cuban American actor played Antonio Rodolfo in La Mujer de mi Vida (The Woman of My Life; a man who fell in love with his sister-in-law( played by his now ex wife Natalia Streignard), a small role in La Usurpadora and the lead role in Cuerpo Del Deseo(Second Chance) as the resurrected/possessed farmer, Salvador.

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