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Friday, May 16, 2014


We've seen them, loved them and their story lines keep us at the edge of our seats and eyes GLUED to the T.V! From 1993 to present, our screens have been filled with telenovelas and far from getting bored (even though the new practice now is airing more than one instead of waiting for the previous one to at least end) we keep angling for more; not just because of the telenovela's main plot but because the leading women are just  so beautiful!

SILVIA NAVARO:  She charmed us from her very first scene in Cuando Seas Miathen Catalina y Sebastian where she and her Cuando Seas Mia co-star Sergio Basanez played the title characters. She also starred with Sergio in La Heredera (The Heiress) and La Calle de las novias (Street of Brides) 

   LUCIA MENDEZ : who played Raquel Lombardo in  Tu O Nadie (No One But You), along with  Andres Garcia. Besides her acting, she's a singer and model. In 2008, she played Alicia  in  Amas de Casa Desesperadas;  the short lived Spanish version of Desperate Housewives. At 69 she's still a knockout! 

Best remembered as the unforgettable heroine Mariana in THE RICH ALSO CRY & Rose in Rosa Salvaje (Wild Rose)

At 61, she remains very active in the acting and music world. 

who played Silvia in La Mujer De Lorenzo. She's also a T.V presenter and in 2012 played an antagonist in the telenovela Corona de Lagrimas (Crown of Tears)

SCARLET ORTIZ: The Venezuelan actress and model  played the title character in To Sobre Camilia (All About Camila) and several other telenovelas, including Rafaela in 2011. She's  married to Yul Burkle who played Alex  in La Mujer De Lorenzo and they are parents to a daughter. 

 starred with William Levy in Sortilegio(Love Spell); the fourth version of Tu O Nadie(No One But You) as Maria Jose Lombardo; making her the 'fourth Raquel'. She represented Mexico in the 2002 Miss Universe pageant and has a model career as well as acting. She's happily married.

ANGELICA RIVERA:  She starred in the 2007 telenovela (with Eduardo Yanez); Destilando Amor( Distilled Love)- which is the second remake of the 1994 Columbian telenovela Cafe, con aroma de Mujer(Coffee, With The Scent of A Woman), the first remake being Cuando Seas Mia. Nigerian fans would probably call her, 'the second Paloma' though in the telenovela her name was Gaviota, like in the original. She is the former sister-in-law of Veronica Castro (The Rich Also Cry) and no longer acting as she is currently the First Lady of Mexico- her husband being President Enrique Nieto.


This beautiful Venezuelan actress  played Gabrielle Suarez (Swanson)  in the 1986 telenovela La Dama De Rosa (The Lady of Rose), a young woman wrongly convicted for drug trafficking and her obsessive need for revenge against the man she believed betrayed her.  Now 52, Jeannette has hardly aged! 

LILIBETH MORILLO: The Venezuelan actress was introduced to our screens in 1997 via the 1997 telenovela, Maria Le Los Angeles (Mary of The Angels)-  where she played the title character who had to deal with an evil aunt, a tug of war between two suitors, a jealous half sister and an even more jealous rival. She has starred in other telenovelas to date.


Still a raving beauty at 50! 
Married and mother of three children,  the Brazilian actress  played Ruth & her conniving seductive twin Raquel in Mulheres de Areia (Sand Women but more known here as Secrets of The Sands) and still actively acting. 


Singer and actress, her first telenovela was the angst filled La Hija del Jardinero( The Gardener's Daughter); its soundtrack sung by her. She played Luisa Fernanda, a young woman caught in lies and intrigue; her main story being falling in love with a handsome young doctor, not realizing until much later that her biological father is married to the doctor's mother; making Carlos Eduardo her stepbrother. 
She has acted in other telenovelas and released several albums. 


The  now 56 year old  Brazilian actress, producer and director was introduced to us via her most memorable telenovela Escrava Isaura ( Isaura; The Slave Girl); a story set back in Brazilian slavery era, about a white skinned slave who is the object of lust and obsession of her master but refused to give in to his lustful advances (and threats!) 

She has many works to her credit; as an actress and director.


The Venezuelan actress first appeared as Barbarita in La Mujer de Mi Vidawhich she starred with her now ex-husband Mario Cimarro (who also played the resurrected and possessed farmer in El Cuerpo del Deseo- Second Chance). She has appeared in other telenovelas. 


is a fashion designer as well as an actress. That probably explains her eye catching wardrobe in Acapulco cuerpo y Alma( Acapulco Body & Soul ; the third version of Tu O Nadie(No One But You), making her the 'third Raquel'; the second version-ACAPULCO BAY- played by an American cast. 

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