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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Okay... what more does this freakazoid have to do before the authorities do something to curb his ridiculous behavior with celebrities? Not long ago he managed to slip under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Festival ; now we hear that Vitalii  Sediuk struck Brad Pitt on the face (imagine that!) during the premire of Angelina Jolie's movie: Maleficent. The crazy man actually jumped over the barricade and slapped the actor before  taken away and I hope it's a polite word for 'arrested' because I  can't imagine them letting him go just like that this time.

Seriously, WHAT is this guy's problem and what exactly is the meaning behind these stupid pranks of his? Some sort of statement because honestly I really don't see why he insists on making a real nuisance of himself like this. It's either he wasn't given a warning after his behavior at the Cannes Festival or chose to ignore it; I didn't think he would pull another red carpet stunt that soon. It may not even be statement, it may be Sediuk wants his own amount of fame even if he winds up regarded as the 'celebrity pest' or just wants to see how far he can go and how often he can get away with his weird behavior.
But whatever his reasons for these stupid pranks, they are NOT FUNNY. If Sediuk wasn't given a warning the last time, he should be given a serious warning now; stop the 'pranks' or go to jail. Honestly, the man has turned from weird to simply ridiculous. They are calling Vitalii Sediuk  'the serial prankster' now, what will they call him if one of his 'celebrity pranks' causes an accident or worse, he walks up to a celebrity with a weapon in his hand? This man is no prankster, he's just a major stalker and a nuisance  looking for attention and notoriety. If that's the case, he's winning. It's best he should be treated like the freakazoid that he is, given ZERO attention and lock his ass in jail for a few months.
That will clip his wings!


  1. He is not mad because he knows that the media and some people would understand his attempt at being famous. Sometimes some societies re-enforce negative behaviours. Some professor will come and analyse him and then name his behaviour after him ( vitaliifony Lol ) or they can even give him a part in a blockbuster to act himself. If he does anything now it would be mentioned in the news. Nuisance are given celebrity status in our society.

    1. Well, there you are. He wants his own celebrity status and he feels this is the best way to do it. But if he continues these ridiculous antics, one of these days a celebrity he's harassing might bust a cap on his ass


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