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Sunday, May 18, 2014


After checking my mail; I went to the Yahoo! page to see the latest news.There was nothing of much interest so I was about to move on when I spotted a bit of news about an incident that happened at the recent Cannes Festival. America Ferrerra, who played Betty in the dramedy Ugly Betty was posing for a group photograph when she suddenly felt something move up her full skirt  and it turned out to a man crawling under her dress! I suddenly had a thought,  "Please tell me it's not that freak again". However it was "that freak" again, Vitalii Sediuk- that crazy Ukrainian T.V presenter,  red-carpet  prankster and an original pain in the ass  who just doesn't seem to see  his antics are less than funny. Of course the security men got hold of him and dragged him out of the place; leaving Ms. Ferrerra pretty much embarrassed.
 He's been nothing but a pest with celebrities. Once he sent Madonna flowers she's not fond off, hydrangeas. She thought he simply didn't know she disliked them.

 In 2012, when Will Smith was in Moscow to promote Men In Black III; that freakazoid  kissed him and got a much deserved slap from the actor. Another incident involving him was in January this year was when he hugged Bradley Cooper's legs, sticking his face on the actor's crotch during the SAG awards but luckily for him, Cooper just laughed it off and his friends got Vitalii off him. And he did the same thing to Leonardo Di Caprio as well!
People are yet to forget what he did during last year's Grammys. Not only did he go the event (uninvited and without proper credentials), he actually walked up to the stage after Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull called out the  Best Solo Artist

award recipient, Adele. Before poor Adele could say anything, the crazy man said, 'it's such an honor to receive this award; I love you Adele.'
Jennifer managed to pulled herself together enough to wave him off the stage, which he did and spent a night in jail for that stupid stunt and got a warning.

 You would think he would cease with the red carpet pranks but no; he attempted to get into the Oscars- wearing a Bjork  swan dress and holding a bag of fake Oscars. But this time the security detail was ready for him and he wasn't allowed in.

Okay, just what is with this guy? I'm aware of Freedom of the Press (which pretty much allows paparazzi to get away with what they do, including invasion of privacy) but this is taking things much too face. What he did at Cannes was more  than a prank, I call it  a sex offence and he should be seriously dealt with. It's not enough his credentials should be revoked or given a warning; he should be charged for trespassing and sexual harassment. If I were in Ms. Ferrerra's shoes I would have given that freakazoid a well aimed and deserved kick! What is he trying to gain here; complete a list of  'CELEBRITIES TO PRANK' or just have the reputation of the 'No 1. Celebrity Prankster?'  I think he's just plain weird,  annoying  and a real nuisance and his antics should not be encouraged at all. For all we know, he's a budding psychopathic stalker and the authorities should make sure he's banned from all celebrity events and charged if he dares trespass  again!

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