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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Today makes it a month since the Chibok abduction and the whole country's waiting and praying for this nightmare to end soon. The current report on the abducted Chibok school girls proves more than ever that their actions are more political and militant than religious.On Monday another video was released; this time of the poor terrified girls and the terrorists’ demand is for several Boko Haram members in custody in several states be released or they will be sold and claiming that 'God ordered them' to convert the  Christian girls among them to Islam.

What measures the Federal government will adopt  about seeing to their demands; we  don’t know- but whatever they are, they must not  endanger the girls. Those girls are the real victims here and back home are their worried, grieving parents. For how long is this going to go on before they are finally rescued- these are people's daughters  we're talking about here! It's just so sad and heartbreaking seeing the expressions of those poor girls in the photograph that I even wept as I read the newspapers. Of course they would be bewildered and frightened at the whole ordeal and no doubt wondering the same thing... "WHEN ARE WE GOING HOME???" 
This is more than religious prosecution, it's simply inhumanity staring us in the face and we desperately want this saga to end! The rallies and protests are still going on everywhere and more prayers for the rescue of the Chibok girls continue as we wait for the help we've been offered to come about.
Even after they are finally rescued, we Nigerians must also pray that worse things  than this won’t come about. We simply must keep praying! 

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