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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

'... And Justice For All' Where is Trayvon's? (continued)

I have  relatives in the United States, including a young cousin studying in Boston and I would hate if any of them and many more African Americans suffer the terrible injustice and pain Trayvon Martin and his family are currently suffering after  his killer- after using the excuse of self defense- acquitted of his murder.As  President Obama said;  they are in a democratic country; governed by laws. But after the stunning  verdict, I thought about Trayvon and his family over and over again and I thought; 'WHERE is Trayvon's justice if the words '...And Justice For All' is true?
If every citizen- black, white, hispanic- is truly equal in America today; then Trayvon Martin and his family should have justice. The man who deprived a family of their son because of so-called 'self defense' committed a crime; not a shooting. And if every African American would be suspected of being a criminal because of a hoodie and race; then we are living in a very sad world where we are STILL being judged by the colour of our skin. Thankfully, not all people succumb to the ugliness of racism. My late  father was a student in England back in the 60s and even though he faced racism from some people, there were many Caucasians who treated him like a friend and made him feel at home and I have made many friends on Twitter who have treated me with nothing but kindness and sincere friendliness since I joined that social network. 
Trayvon Martin's death is as sad as Damilola Taylor's- a boy much younger than him who was stabbed to death  with a broken glass by some teenagers in England years ago and he was his Nigerian parents' only son.
Racial profiling is as ugly as racial discrimination and it has ended a young boy's life and Zimmerman's acquittal is a travesty of justice. It cannot be borne and it won't be borne. With this unjust acquittal, another George Zimmerman can easily shoot  another African American teenager and then say that it was self defense after thinking... no... assuming  the person in question was a criminal.
I really  hope that the efforts of the NAACP to have this man charged with civil rights violation will yield positive results. If he is still able to wiggle his way out the charge; he should keep in mind that The Day of Judgement, where he will be judged by God for his crime; will inevitably come.

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