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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Sight of...

Hollywood actors/actresses had their beginnings before they reached the high status they enjoy today. Below  are the movies where I first saw or ever heard of a particular actor or actress. A few are movies where some made their debut, others long afterwards.


My first Ralph Fiennes film:  THE ENGLISH PATIENT. Beautiful yet sad film and I'm still trying to forget Kristin Scott Thomas' full frontal nude scene. Mind, I'm not a prude; I just found it weird.


My first Kevin Kline film: I LOVE YOU TO DEATH (1990)
Hilarious movie about a man who cheated on his wife and she plots to get her revenge since as a strong Catholic she cannot divorce him. How is killing him any  better?


My first Denzel Washington film:  THE PELICAN BRIEF(1993) Later read the book and got pissed off he didn't get to kiss  Julia Roberts.


My first Brad Pitt film: INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (1994) What can I say about it except wondering why vampires have to be so attractive? (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas)


My first Audrey Hepburn film:  MY FAIR LADY (1964) Eliza finally mastering cultured way of speaking made my day though I found Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) VERY annoying the whole time.


My first Antonio Banderas film: DESPERADO (1995)My first thought of  Tony on seeing him... sexy YET scary.


My first Joe Mantegna film: BABY'S DAY OUT (1994) Just how a baby was able to outwit 3 adult men is what I'm still laughing over.


 My first Eddie Murphy film: THE GOLDEN CHILD (1986) 

It  was hard viewing a chap who made wisecracks half the time as a hero but Eddie Murphy managed it. Good movie.


My first Tom Cruise film: COCKTAIL (1988)Tom Cruise going up that penthouse to propose to the love of his life  and she willingly defying her rich snobbish father brought tears.


My first Wesley Snipes film: PASSENGER 57 (1992) Black 'Bruce Lee' was what I called him that time; and brilliant acting.


My first Cuba Gooding Jr. film- THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN (1995) My favorite part: When two of the pilots landed in the middle of a field where a prison crew was working and the raw  pride on the African American convicts' faces on seeing two of their own were actual pilots.


My first Jodie Foster film: THE ACCUSED(1988)  though the first time I ever heard her name was through reading the plot summary of NELL. I hated the rape scene, hence not a movie I was to see again unless I keep my eyes closed and the volume down in that part.


My first Humphrey Bogart/Katherine Hepburn film: THE AFRICAN QUEEN(1951) A pretty much mismatched couple who first quarrel then fell in love is a movie to watch!


My first Russel Crowe film: A BEAUTIFUL MIND(2001), first I heard of him was when reading plot summary of VIRTUOSITY. It was a shock to see Nash was actually hallucinating but his struggle to overcome it was very moving.  


Long before he starred in DIE HARD, I grew up watching Bruce Willis and his co-star Cybill Shepherd in the ABC series MOONLIGHTING(1985-89) , one of my favorite shows back in the day.Friends, Enemies, Partners, Lovers... who won't be addicted to David and Maddie?


My first Al Pacino film: SCARFACE(1983) Full of swearing and violence and the concept of those who live by the sword with die by the sword was glaringly shown.


My first Claire Danes film: LITTLE WOMEN(1994)- her debut

Next to JANE EYRE, I love this story very much.


My first sight of A.J Cook years before her current show, CRIMINAL MINDS was in FINAL DESTINATION II(2003) Death is inevitable hence cannot be cheated but it is a very scary movie to watch if you are the nervous type.


My first Leonardo Dicaprio film: ROMEO + JULIET(1996); first time of hearing of him was while reading plot summary of THE BASKETBALL DIARIES. Modern setting of the Bard's play and equally tragic ending.


My first Morgan Freeman film: LEAN ON ME(1989) 
No surprise that the stern but well meaning principal was once a drill sergeant; no wonder he kept everyone under their toes!


My first Jean Claude Van Damme film: NO RETREAT; NO SURRENDER(1986) Scary was my description of him but he was the real reason why we watched the whole film, not because of the lead actor, Kurt Mckinney.


My first Jackie Chan film: DRAGONS FOREVER. Funny as hell is all I can say!


My first Angelina Jolie film: GIA. A true life story about a tortured soul, which makes it very sad. 


My first Halle Berry film: STRICTLY BUSINESS. She was the reason we kept on until the end and we had no regrets! 


My first Tom Hanks film: FORREST GUMP. A simple man who saw, experienced and achieved a lot is moving and inspirational.


My first Drew Barrymore film: THE WEDDING SINGER; where she played a sweet natured waitress . 


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