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Friday, July 26, 2013

First Sight of... (contd.)

Right... back to the post I started a few days ago; about my first glimpse of famous actors and actresses. It may seem uninteresting to some but I just have to share this!

Even though the world first began noticing him in STAR WARS; my first Harrison Ford film was Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom and I can watch this movie over and over!


Ha! I don't even have to ponder on my first Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves film; who on earth can ever forget SPEED???


My first Adam Sandler film (and my favorite to date) HAPPY GILMORE, full of laughs and fun, including a very annoying villain and his sidekick.


Not Pretty Woman or  An Officer & A Gentleman; My first Richard Gere movie AND Kim Basinger was NO MERCY and all because I left the VCR recording timer on! (psst For first timers, steamy love scene where Richard still has his clothes on)


For Harry Potter fans who don't know it; it would be a shock to know that Alan Rickman who played Severus Snape was the gang leader of 'terrorists' Hans Gruber who was later thrown off a very tall building in DIE HARD. My first glimpse of him was of a criminal with a German accent, totally surprised to later find out he is actually English.

My first Samuel L. Jackson movie was the third in the Die Hard franchise; DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE. Not my favorite of all of them but superb acting by him and Bruce Willis.


I honestly wish I could say that Rocky was my first Stallone movie but it was actually Rambo: First Blood II. my Dad borrowed from a friend to Mum's dismay since it was so violent. As kids who were already used to James Bond we were ready for anything but the violence did shock us.


Oooh... shame on me to admit this but Clint Eastwood was an unknown to me until I watched PINK CADILLAC. And considering the great movies he has been in like THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY, this is not a first time Clint Eastwood film of mine I'm proud to share.


Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie's papa) appeared before me for the first time in THE CHAMP. It was also my first look at Ricky Shroder (his debut)  and goodness, for such a young actor; his performance really stunned me, especially the memorable part when he cried over his dead father's body, begging him to wake up. I cried myself.


My first Daniel Craig film was LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER. Since I knew he was English, I was confused at first when I heard him speak in an American accent but since American Angelina spoke with an English accent, I was like... oh, it's for his role.


Long before I saw him in MAN OF STEEL as Superman, my first Henry Cavill film was THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO  (his debut) where he played Albert Mondengo. Funny back then, I paid more attention to the actor who played Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel)


My first Kevin Costner film was THE BODYGUARD and my favorite part was his farewell kiss with Whitney Huston.*sigh*


My first Jim Carrey AND Cameron Diaz' film (her debut) THE MASK!!! There's no part of the movie that I didn't laugh at; his overwhelming courting at the park, the police emptying his pockets and the memorable dance with Cameron at the club.


My first Joseph Fiennes (brother of Ralph Fiennes) & Gwyneth Paltrow film-and I'm so proud to say so- is SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE! Another movie I can watch all over again. I knew Elizabeth I (Judi Dench) would set a good example by not allowing a divorce between Viola & Lord Wessex but it made me sad all the same she and Will weren't free to marry in the end.


My first Julia Roberts film... what else would it be but PRETTY WOMAN? Beautiful story, equally beautiful soundtrack (Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman, Roxette's It Must Have Been Love)


Another admission I'm ashamed of; my  first Sir Anthony Hopkins' film was THE MASK OF ZORRO; I was yet to see SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and his earlier works back then.


Long before I saw him as 007 in The Living Daylights and License to Kill; my first glimpse of Timothy Dalton was as Edward Rochester in JANE EYRE. Brilliant and super hot  actor even though Edward Rochester was described as ugly in the book!

First Jamie Foxx glimpse; THE JAMIE FOXX show and I began to really enjoy it after his character and Fancy (Grace Beauvais) finally hooked up. Most of the time before that I found him annoying.

My first sight of Will Smith was the unforgettable and hilarious THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR after which I found out he was a rapper as well.

No, not SET IT OFF , my first introduction to Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett was in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and I really loved her in the role of a rookie professor.


My first Robin Williams film was POPEYE (his debut) and I liked the film, box office failure or not; it was rather entertaining


Saw him much later on in Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives and Twin Peaks but my first peek at Kyle Maclachlan was the 1987 movie THE HIDDEN where he played a secretive & somewhat clueless FBI agent who turned out to be an alien on the hunt for an alien serial killer who goes from one human host to another.                                           


My first Steve Martin film was PENNIES FROM HEAVEN. I was rather confused with the story so I had to rewatch. Not a movie I want to watch again after those two times however.

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