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Monday, July 15, 2013

'... And Justice For All' Where is Trayvon's?

After everything said and done; George Zimmerman was found NOT guilty for shooting 17 year old Trayvon Martin; an unarmed teenager who was returning to his home after running an errand. Zimmerman approached the boy in the first place because he wore a hoodie and he was black; both equals 'suspicious suspect' and in the cause of trying to be a hero- a family was deprived of their son and Zimmerman walks; along with the same gun he used to shoot Trayvon. No justice for that unfortunate boy or his grieving family.
I don't understand this 'stand your ground' law in Florida and I don't understand this; the fact that the boy was black and wearing a hoodie; does that give one the right to assume that the person is up to no good? Would Zimmerman have gone after the boy if the boy was white? When it happened; I wanted to assume that Zimmerman's action wasn't racist but an act of pure idiocy but I was infuriated when I learnt that he actually pleaded NOT guilty in court; what... did the gun accidentally go off?
Lord knows why the jury reached the 'not guilty' verdict over this case. WHY did this horrible man disobey the police's instruction about staying where he was, WHY  did he have to shoot that poor boy, WHY and HOW can he actually defend his action when Trayvon was not even armed... he wasn't even armed; didn't the jury remember that? Of what use can one call America the land of the free if people with black skin are equivalent to evil criminals and not able to get deserved justice?
So now, this man has gone free along with his gun; free to shoot somebody else's child. Well, let him roam free; I wonder if he will ever sleep well at night knowing the pain he's inflicted on Trayvon's family and still maintain that he did what was expected from him. But I also hope that the people who loved Trayvon and the supporters of the Martin family will take heed of President Obama's words about honouring Trayvon's memory by curbing gun violence and the vigilantes should do nothing to make matters worse. Hounding Zimmerman and starting fires and violent protests will not bring that unfortunate boy back.
Zimmerman may have escaped the long prison sentence he deserved but if he is a God fearing man (which I very much doubt), for the rest of his life he should remember that he will not escape justice from God on his day of reckoning. He feels he did the right thing acting on so called instinct before he ended the life of a young boy; He will answer to God on the Day Of Judgement.
May Trayvon Martin rest in peace and may his family  be given spiritual healing as they move on with their lives.

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