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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes, another Happy Valentine's to all the folks out there, the season of love, presents and general soppiness(joke!). Since Monday, I've seen nothing but Valentine cards, fake roses, perfumes and choclates in most shops in my area and TV and Radio stations playing love songs, in particular songs by the ever romantic and sensitive BoyzIIMen(my favorite male group, by the way). My day however was spent eating chocolates while reading some of my collection of Barbara Cartland novels. Boring and disappointing at first thought but it gave me the idea for this post. I watch a lot of movies, mostly romantic comedies, and I've seen more than my fair share of memorable kisses over the years and I decided to compile some here to commemorate this occasion.

Now the first one(left) is between Humphrey Bogart & Audrey Hepburn in SABRINA(1954), about a workaholic and humourless millionare who ended up falling in love with his chauffeur's beautiful daughter, Sabrina Fairchild. The movie was so good that in 1995, a remake was made, this time starring Harrison Ford & Julia Ormond(below).

The scene I like best was after Linus realised he was in love with Sabrina, he ran from a meeting, obtained her address from her father, got on a plane to Paris and arrived at her doorstep with his confession.

Next memorable kiss is the one between Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, where Captain Von Trapp sealed his declaration of love with a kiss in the moonlit gazebo. After all this time, I have'nt gotten tired of that scene, SO ROMANTIC.

And of course, there's the one between the world's favorite couple, ROMEO & JULIET, (played here by Leonardo Di Capiro & Claire Danes) about two soul mates from warring families who ended up getting married after the night they'd first met but became victims of circumstances, poor things- but still a strong symbol of unbreakable love.

This one is between James Bond & his fiancee, Tracy Di Vincenzo in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. WHAT??! you may say, but it's true... after having strings of girlfriends here and there, in this movie, James Bond(played by George Lazenby, and only once) decided he finally wanted to settle down, so he asked the beautiful & stubborn Tracy to marry him, after telling her he loved her. What happened in the end? Watch the movie!

This one is from DANIELLE STEEL'S JEWELS, about a disillusioned American girl who vowed never to marry again after a VERY bad experience but ended up getting swept off her feet by a handsome English duke while on holiday. After much resistance, she said 'yes' when he asked her to marry him. It's my favorite Danielle Steel story.

I JUST LOVE interracial relationships and this kiss is one I'll never forget, between Whitney Huston & Kevin Costner in THE BODYGUARD, about an aloof bodyguard who completely broke all his rules.

The world's closest couple next to Romeo & Juliet is ROBIN HOOD & LADY MARIAN(this version played by Michael Praed & Judi Trott), they were very much in love, inseperable, equally tough and stubborn but complete soul mates. In one episode of this version, Marian was shot by an arrow and knowing Robin's heart would be completely broken if she died, his guardian, Herne The Hunter brought her back to life.

The classic story JANE EYRE, about an orphaned governess who ended up falling in love with her student's father, has MANY versions, this one is the 2006 one, (starring Toby Stevens & Ruth Wilson), where Mr. Rochester asked Jane to marry him, just when she thought he was planning to marry an aristocratic lady. Their first kiss took place under a chestnut tree in the garden.

Well, that's that. for you to enjoy. For those of you who might ask why is'nt there any screen kisses from Nollywood movies? Well, answer no. 1, I couldnt get any and no. 2, Nigerian actors are complete PRUDES; besides RMD, I'm yet to see a Nollywood actor kiss his female co-star as she's REALLY meant to be kissed. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


  1. Happy Valentine Amina.

    From Philomena Ojikutu

  2. Amina Adams, thank you for sharing this wonderful collection! A friend saw it and said it's worth reading and looking at. So I'm here. She was right! Now I'm adding extras to my "to watch" list, thanks to you. A question: when you wrote about Robin Hood and lady Marian being second to Romeo and Juliet, did you mean the legendary couple or the one from Robin of Sherwood?

  3. BOTH :)Thank you for visiting, i appreciate it! Click on the label 'Special events' below the post, and find last year's valentine post.


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