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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's NOT True!

Watched by a very nervous Raquel, Tonio told his stepmother the whole story, to her amazement and disbelief. She asked, 'Raquel isn't your wife then?'
But Tonio said Raquel WAS his wife by law; because  the marriage certificate bearing their signatures wasn't revoked after 30 days and they were very much in love now. Vicky is very upset, she refused to believe that her own flesh and blood was capable of killing anyone, even though he and Tonio never got along as boys and it still didn't give him the right to bar him from the house; he's lived here for a long time. Ramon walked in to remind Tonio that Chucho was still waiting for him. Tonio tried to calm a weeping Vicky but she's far too upset at what she'd just heard. Raquel is horrified to see Evil Max suddenly enter, with Dr. Oscar- pretending to be justifiably outraged at his unfair treatment and Oscar restrained him when he made a move at Tonio, pretending to be shocked at his accusation. He suggested they straightened every thing out in the study. Tonio consoled Raquel, assuring her everything would turn out well in their favour. Raquel was very worried about what Max would say about her and what he might still do to Tonio. He told her to remove all negative thoughts in her head. Kissing her, he left for the study.
There, Max maintained he had no idea what Tonio and Raquel were accusing him of(the man has a lot of nerve, I swear!)and flatly denied everything. Oscar and Victoria side with him, even after Tonio poured out everything Raquel had told him and the little he had found out. Max strongly suggested it was Raquel who was the guilty one, suddenly coming to pass herself off as his wife (once again, what did Raquel see in that idiot in the first place??) but Tonio coldly replied that he trusted his wife completely- He, Max, was the culprit behind the plot.
At the guest bungalow, Chucho and Daniel discuss where to hang out for the evening once Tonio gives Chucho the money as promised. Camilla narrates what Vicky had told her and Claudio to Maura, although Claudio had forbidden her to. Later on, Camilla goes to the Mansion and is informed by Ramon that Tonio was in a meeting with Vicky, Oscar and Max. Camilla tried to eavesdrop but got interrupted by a very surprised Chucho, who wondered why she was listening at the door. She sharply told him to go away and went back to listen. Oscar pointed out that Tonio was upsetting Vicky with the allegations and he needed sufficient prove before accusing him. Before Camilla could listen to more, Tonio opened the door and saw her. Ignoring her false greeting, he went upstairs, where Raquel was waiting. He told her that Max denied everything, to her frustration. She asked him what they could do, he said nothing, at least until they are able to locate the judge who had officiated the civil wedding.Raquel dreaded the idea of still living under the same roof with Max; Tonio assured her he'll always protect her, managing to coax a smile from her.
Camilla tried in vain to find out from Vicky and Oscar what the meeting was about, but they and Max maintain a stony silence. Slightly comforted, Raquel now wondered how Vicky and the others would treat her now. Once again Tonio assured her of his protection and took her downstairs with him.

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