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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Backed up by her husband, Raquel told her own side of the story. Max on the other hand glared at her for her 'betrayal'. Tired of Camilla's crass remarks, Tonio took Raquel back upstairs. Oscar cannot understand why Tonio insisted on trusting Raquel. Upstairs, Tonio and Raquel get into a fight; she's against not taking immediate action towards Max and was about to go downstairs and confront him face to face but Tonio harshly stopped her from doing so.
Very hurt, she entered her room and locked herself in. Ashamed, Tonio knocked and knocked but she wouldn't open the door for him, instead she wept.
Downstairs, he informed everyone present that he believed totally Raquel and he knew very well that Max really tried to kill him; he more or less admitted it on the night he'd first confronted him about it. Max boldly confirmed he'd said that, but it had been only to 'bug' him. Oscar restrained Tonio who was about to make a move to hit the idiot. Martha comes in but as no one tells her anything, went upstairs in a huff.
Ramon came to remind Tonio that Chucho was still waiting for him, and he left to attend to him. Martha went to see her sister, asking why everyone was acting so strangely and Raquel told her what happened. In the study, Tonio handed Chucho a thick wad of cash,(by the way, accepting money for saving a life is VERY TACKY) and is thanked profusely. After he left, Tonio coldly told Max he could stay and went upstairs. Victoria gave her son very strong advice which he sulkily listened to before walking out on her. He goes to see his accomplice, Luis(one of the drivers) and confirms from him that there would be no way for Tonio to easily find the judge and confab on what next to do to separate Raquel and Tonio. Tonio is angry and bitter at the unresolved issue; he goes to see Raquel, who is very unhappy that nothing could be done for now. She asked him why they couldn't make it public. Or did he honestly think SHE would kill him?
Tonio shook his head slowly then pulled her into his arms...

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