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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, has had beefs with fellow artistes in the past but who would have expected former lead singer of Destiny's Child to actually have someone badmouth her publicly all of a sudden?
The lady doing this is legenday soul singer Etta James, who happens to be the original singer of the hit song AT LAST. Apparently, she took offence when Beyonce sang it at the inaugural ball to President Obama and the First Lady's first dance that night, and so beautifully too. After that, Ms. James expressed her fury towards poor Beyonce for singing her song!
At first, I figured Ms. James was justifiably pissed off because maybe Beyonce sang AT LAST without permission. I don't even know what terms Celine Dion had to meet before adding that same song in the track listing of her 2002 album A NEW DAY HAS COME; and it would'nt be the first time she would sing her own version of someone else's song- like Jennifer Rush's POWER OF LOVE or Tina Turner's RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH- not that I'm critising her.
But while I was at Tantalizer's last Thursday, I saw this beef being talked about on CNN & an old footage of Beyonce singing AT LAST to Etta herself, as a tribute; the 2 women hugged and kissed at the end. Now it's 'I can't stand Beyonce' and something about 'whupping her ass', plus actually adding President Obama himself to her black list. She said and I quote, 'He maybe you president but he ain't mine.'
I'm sure Beyonce meant no harm and disrespect and I thought she should apologise to Ms. James to keep the peace but I really don't like what she said about the President, it's not like he requested for the song, according to CNN. Now, I just got word that Ms. James has made an annoucement that all she'd said was a joke. Considering she said rather nasty things about 2 very popular people, one of them who'd just made history- one can't help but consider that to be a very, very expensive joke, would'nt you say?
Personally, I don't consider it a joke nor her sudden apology sincere.

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