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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I first saw the infamous video some time back  and I was immediately sickened and horrified at what I saw; a maid physically abusing an 18 month old baby left in her care and she had no idea there was  a hidden 'nanny cam' placed in the room when she was hurting that poor little girl. It wasn't until I read the story in detail yesterday I discovered that the little girl's father was the one who planted the nanny cam after he noticed the poor child's bruises and limping walk. To his credit, he didn't fly off the handle and accuse the maid outright (which would have put her on her guard),  instead the camera was planted to get proof , a risky move since the child may have gotten beaten to death (but THANK GOD that didn't happen ) which he handed over to the police and Jolly Tumuhiirwe was arrested.
I used to think the practice of planting nanny cams was a blatant breach of trust but NOT anymore. What happened to Arnella Kamanzi was really terrible; I can't imagine why anyone would want to harm a helpless baby like Tumuhiirwe did. Didn't she have a shred of conscience when she hit and kicked the poor thing? And the audacity to tell the court she did it because Mrs. Kamanzi had beaten her hence the attack on the poor child was actually pay back. I have no idea if what she said about Arnella's mum was true but that does NOT justify physically abusing an innocent child.
So now, the 'monster maid' has been sentenced to 4 years in prison and she's just lucky she didn't do what she did here in Nigeria; I can only imagine how the parents and family of the child would've heavily descended on her before handing her over to the police. With what happened to Arnella, many families across the world, not just Uganda, would be more vigilant and careful when hiring maids and nannies to look after their children; character references from previous employers should be the main criteria before hiring at all. Arnella was very lucky and her father very clever and I think many more parents with young children should install nanny cams in their homes to make sure the nannies are really doing their jobs. That nanny cam along with the grace of God saved Arnella Kamanzi's life and I pray she is healing both physically and psychologically and will have no memories of that horrible incident.
As for Jolly, I hope she uses her time in prison to think over what she did and try to find some redemption. In court she asked the magistrate and the world to forgive her. SEE VIDEO
 Jolly, you should seek forgiveness from God.

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