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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Melanie never envisioned she would feel anything but anger and resentment towards Bo Brady for what he put her mother through but as Isabella’s ghost took her further into his past with Carly, she found herself   feeling heart wrenching compassion and pity for him and hating Emmy Borden more.

 Standing beside Isabella, Melanie balefully watched Emmy stealing the vial containing the virus from the lab, taunting Carly and making her believe she was Bo’s lover. She stared wistfully at Bo and Carly sharing a dance and then a passionate kiss in Victor’s garden and Carly pushing him away; angrily thinking he was toying with her emotions all over again; wishing with all her might she could strangle Emmy as she watched her empty the vial into Carly’s champagne glass only for Bo to take it to make his insincere toast to Victor afterwards. Shaking her head in anguish when Bo barged into Carly and Victor’s hotel room during their honeymoon and tried to talk to her but was rebuffed again. Hatred and disgust at Victor’s veiled smugness his plan to keep them apart had succeeded.
‘In the meantime, Emmy...’
‘I couldn’t  care less,’ Melanie snappishly  interrupted, ‘I don’t want to know what happened to her, I don’t care what happened to her... except that she was out of Mum’s life- and Bo’s- for good. I want to know how Mum found out Victor forged the letter from Bo.’
‘Fine,’ Isabella went on, ‘she saw Victor arguing with a guy in his study and when she asked him on the way out what it was about, he claimed he and Victor just had a disagreement. But she got suspicious after I told her about a mysterious piece of paper I saw him reading then put in his safe.’
The scene unfolded before Melanie’s eyes; Carly, Isabella and a dark haired young man in Victor’s study; the young man was trying to crack it open.
‘That’s Tanner Scofield,’ Isabella added before Melanie could ask.
Molly’s husband... Melanie thought. ‘Mum wanted to know what it was.’
‘Uh huh, it was Bo’s letter of course but Victor...’ Tanner managed to open it but found no letter, raising his hands in defeat. ‘had already destroyed it.’
‘Damn him!’ Melanie spat.
‘Carly wouldn’t give up though, she tracked the forger down; determined to know what service he rendered to Victor.’
The docks, Carly talking to a rough looking man with blond hair. ‘I can pay you for what information you can give me,’ Carly was saying; pulling back the sleeve of her coat a bit to unfasten a glittering diamond bracelet, holding it up for him to see. To Melanie’s disgust, the man’s eyes gleamed greedily.
‘I’ll trouble you for that diamond ring on your finger too.’ He said, after pocketing the bracelet.
Carly’s eyes narrowed.
‘I assure you Mrs. Kiriakis, what I got is worth the price.’
‘Fine, you’ll have it too,’ Carly said; aristocratic disdain all over her beautiful face. ‘This job you did for my husband, why doesn’t he want me to know about it?’
‘Well you see Ma’am... I’m a forger by trade, not something I would advertise, you know. Certain people pay me for my services, your husband included.’
‘What did he pay you to forge?’ was the cold question.
The man smirked, bringing out a folded piece of paper from his coat pocket. ‘This is a copy of the document my artwork replaced.  It was so memorable it had to be preserved,’ he smiled wider. ‘It’s a love letter from your boyfriend. He sent it to you a couple of days before your wedding. Your husband got his hands on the original, I made this copy before I forged the one you got; the one with the very different message.’ 
Carly couldn’t feign her surprise and shock. ‘Let me see it,’ she said immediately, hand outstretched.
‘Trade off first,’ he said, looking at her outstretched right hand from where the ring in question was glittering. Without hesitation, Carly pulled the ring off her finger and gave it to the forger who handed her the note. Melanie watched as Carly held it as though she was holding a valuable treasure map, her fingers trembling as she unfolded it. Melanie rushed to her side to read it with her. It was a letter filled with love and remorse; Bo pouring out his feelings to Carly, asking for her forgiveness and assuring her of his love.
If you marry Victor,’ Melanie read over Carly’s shoulder, ‘I’ll lose you forever and I couldn’t stand that because I love you, Carly. I want you to be happy; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Bo.
‘Oh Mum...’ Melanie whispered to Carly even though she couldn't hear her, as tears filled young Carly’s eyes.
‘I always knew that letter would be more valuable to you than that husband of yours.’
Melanie jumped, glaring at the forger.
‘Get out of my sight,’ was Carly’s icy reply and the man calmly obeyed.
‘Oh God...’ Melanie turned to Isabella, ‘what he was trying to tell her on her wedding day, if only he’d had the chance...’
‘Well she finally found out, you’ve seen that,’ Isabella replied.
‘But Bo... he was already infected with the virus Emmy spiked Mum’s glass with!’
‘Yes,’ Isabella now looked sad. ‘Unfortunate timing I’m afraid.’
The next scene was Bo’s pier; his boat rocking on the water as the rain poured. Carly, hair and clothes drenched, calling out to him as he was untying something. Melanie grinned with delight as Bo left what he was doing and rushed into Carly’s arms; the couple sharing a long, passionate kiss in the rain. Everything is going to be okay now, she thought. She will tell him about the letter and he will tell her about the virus... she will find the cure for him next.
But that wasn’t how it played out, to her dismay. In the cabin, Carly told Bo about the letter and he immediately threw a tantrum before sending Carly away; telling her it was too late for them.
Fool!’ Melanie yelled at him as he broke down while  walking alone in the rain, ‘you stupid , stubborn fool...why didn’t you tell her...  Why did you choose to do this to yourself, why?!’ He and Carly were supposed to be in each other’s arms at the boat, talking it over... Carly consoling him and promising to get him a cure, not this! And how could he do that to Carly after hearing about the letter? Watching Carly sobbing in her bedroom was almost too much for Melanie to bear. However she did derive a lot of satisfaction watching Carly in the next scene, confronting Victor over the forged letter.
‘Alright... I hired him,’ Victor said. ‘But you have to understand, I’m a man who never cares much about consequences; I do what is right-whatever it takes. I couldn't let you read that note... for your own good.’
Melanie gasped, unable to believe the man’s audacity, despite what she’d heard from Molly. The man was actually trying to justify himself!
‘Don’t you tell me you kept that letter from me for my sake!’ Carly shouted at him.
‘Bo’s done nothing but hurt you from the very beginning, I was protecting you!’ Victor fired back.
‘I never asked for your protection! What gave you the right to lie to me?’
‘LOVE, love gave me the right and the responsibility.’
‘I make my decisions Victor, I always have and I never asked to be protected. I can’t believe you did this!’
‘Carly, you’ve seen Bo yourself, the man’s unstable; you’ve seen him out of control, you can’t talk to him! I did what I thought was right because I was worried about you.’
‘No, you lied to her because you knew damned well she would’ve called off the wedding, that’s why you really did it!’ Melanie growled, her hands balled into fists. Whatever Victor felt for Carly wasn’t love. Love wasn’t selfish or manipulative; or conniving. And it didn’t help that his rival was his own son, going out of his of his way to  keep them apart.
‘I... I hope you can accept what I did, and try to forgive me.’
Carly, who had kept her face averted after her outburst turned to look at her husband, green eyes hard and cold. ‘This may be your idea of love but it isn’t mine. It’s over.’
‘Our marriage is over, over!’ she left the study.
‘And at the same time, Bo was telling me about the letter; what Victor did.’ Isabella said.
‘How did you feel?’
Isabella shrugged, ‘I was shocked. Much as I knew Carly really belonged with Bo, I gave Victor the benefit of the doubt; that he could make her happy. But then again that was  Victor Kiriakis; what man in his shoes wouldn’t be ruthless enough to get and keep what he wanted?’
‘Bo was his son, his son. Victor should’ve done the opposite, get them together like everybody tried to do instead of taking advantage of Mum like that. And years later, he went around calling her a whore.... that son of a bitch...’ Melanie  broke off as Carly came down with a suitcase and handbag.
‘What are you doing?’ Victor demanded.
‘You actually expect me to answer that?’
‘As a matter of fact, I do.’
‘Fine, I’m leaving you.’
‘Carly, let’s talk about this...’
‘I’ve heard enough from you and there’s nothing to talk about.’
Victor grabbed Carly by the arm as she made to walk past him. ‘I’m not letting you leave!’
Carly however shook herself off his hold immediately. ‘You manipulated me, you lied to me and I’m done trying to understand you, I don’t want to be around you for another second. And I want you to take everything you ever gave to me right back and I want to forget this marriage ever happened!’
‘No, Carly...’ Victor exclaimed in horror as Carly  viciously pulled off her wedding and engagement rings off her finger.
‘Good for you Mum!’ Melanie said triumphantly as her mother pushed the shackles of her now ended marriage into Victor’s hand.
‘We made vows, and promises! I won’t let you break yours...’
You were the one who lied to me, you broke those promises; not me. We don’t have a commitment or a marriage! I’m leaving you and you can’t stop me.’
Carly stormed out of the house, heedless to Victor’s protests.

Melanie vowed to confront Kayla Johnson the first chance she got for setting out to get Carly fired. The woman was a damned hypocrite; how dare she condemn Carly for carrying out a simple paternity test when she was guilty for tampering with Bo’s blood test- switching his infected blood for hers? Melanie was very angry  and again ashamed; she’d refused to stick up for Carly when she had to face the board after Parker’s christening. And here young Carly was; sticking up for Kayla when her duplicity was discovered and that was when Carly finally knew about Bo’s illness and then received a note from him, urging her to come to him... I need you princess.
Melanie felt the tears return as Carly hurried into Bo’s arms. Bo looked pale and was unsteady on his feet but held Carly tightly. Finally.
‘Thank God,’ Melanie whispered as Carly helped him back into bed. The couple made a touching picture as they nestled in each other’s arms and finally talked things out. And Melanie finally found out what happened to Emmy; she’d been kidnapped and then poisoned by her kidnappers but had managed to confess to Bo before she died. Try as she might, Melanie found herself unable to feel sorry for the woman.
The next scene was equally touching. Bo lay in a hospital bed, clutching Carly’s hand and thanking her for saving his life; the loving look on his pale face as he gazed at Carly erasing his past unfairness towards her. As for Carly, the kiss she exchanged with the man she loved told him- with no words- that there was nothing to forgive.
But there was still Victor to contend with. Melanie listened, her blood running cold as Victor threatened Carly when she still refused to go back to him; about her being a widow before she ever walked down the aisle. Her heart lifting as she watched Bo console Carly, vowing to fight back with all it took. And even with the dark shape of Victor looming over them, Bo was no longer the sullen, unhappy man Carly first met. Despite Mickey Horton’s instruction to stay away from each other until Carly got the annulment, Bo and Carly met  in secret and this time Bo couldn't keep his hands off her. Melanie couldn’t stop thinking how cute they were together; she and Isabella  smiling at them indulgently. With the misunderstandings and Bo’s grief and fear behind him, he was totally different with Carly; assuring her with words, caresses and passionate kisses of his love for her; discussing what they intended to have in the future.
Like Carly mentioned in her diary, Victor did hire someone to torch Bo’s boat and Bo was arrested for assault after confronting him and would’ve served time in prison if Shawn Douglas hadn’t heard Victor talking over the phone about his plans to bribe the jury. And when Carly still refused to go back to Victor and Bo ordered him to leave her alone, Victor’s mind had turned to murder.
Just as Molly told her, Carly had walked into the trap meant for Bo; she left Isabella’s loft early because Lawrence- now released from prison- had come to see Isabella, or so he said. Melanie saw it all; Bo’s anguish when Carly was taken out of the crashed elevator, barely alive. Victor stoutly denying having anything to do with ‘the accident’ when confronted by Caroline, Isabella and Shawn Snr and Melanie was very glad to see that no one believed him. The frantic efforts of Marcus Hunter and Tom Horton to save Carly and Bo’s long vigil by her bedside.  And when Carly recovered afterwards and rebuffed him yet again, Victor had turned to the next diabolical plan; faking his death and framing Carly for it. But he hadn’t counted on Isabella’s meticulous investigation that uncovered the plot.
‘You were a good friend to them,’ Melanie said to Isabella.
‘I did it for myself as well as for them, Mel.’ Isabella replied. ‘I couldn't let him get away with everything he did to them or to John and me.’
‘I know, Brady told me what happened.’ Melanie said. ‘It must have been so hard for you, having a father like Victor Kiriakis.’
‘I told you, half the time I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt; he often said I was his second chance at being a father. But he always felt he knew what was right for his children, manipulating and controlling our destinies. After what he did, I wanted nothing to do with him, especially when he refused to take responsibility- instead he...’
‘Claimed insanity, yeah... I heard about that too,’ Melanie shook her head in disgust. ‘So where did Victor run to?’
‘Mexico. And believe me; it took ages for me to convince Bo and Carly Victor was alive, luckily for me I was able to dig up enough evidence to prove it.’
Melanie’s mind went back to something she’d read in her mother’s diary, I was a married woman when we first made love in Mexico. So that’s why they were in Mexico in the first place, chasing after Victor!
Where Isabella took her to next was a place Melanie had only seen in photos on the Internet, the ancient Mayan courtyard in Chichén Itza where the famous El Castillo loomed above them. To Melanie’s delight, Bo was going down on his knees, clutching Carly’s hand. Carly was smiling down at him, tears in her eyes.
‘I know it took me an awfully long time to admit how much I love you,’ he said emotionally. ‘But now that I have, I don’t want to waste another day or another hour. I love you princess and I will take care of you; now and for the rest of our lives.’
‘I want that too,’ Carly’s voice shook.
‘So, will you marry me?’
In reply, Carly went down on her knees and held Bo’s face between her palms. Just when I thought I wouldn’t cry again.... Melanie thought, swiping her eyes for the umpteenth time, as Carly whispered the word ‘yes’, after which Bo kissed her deeply, holding her close. She exchanged a look with Isabella, finding no words to say at how moved she was at the lovely picture before her.
What Melanie would remember especially for the rest of her life about this journey was Bo and Carly’s symbolic wedding at the top of El Castillo. Carly so beautiful in the traditional wedding huipil, her hair decorated with flowers and covered by a hand woven shawl as she made her vows. Bo, also in a traditional Mayan outfit, pouring out his heart and making his vows to Carly. And what they’d exchanged in lieu of wedding rings, a gold chain with a star shaped pendant from Bo, a jade ring from Carly. Molly had told her about the North Star pendant; the source of Starr’s name. Melanie couldn’t keep the tears back as she watched them, words of love and the happiness on their faces.
And then there was the reception, where they were given gifts and cut their wedding cake. Isabella then took Melanie to a candle lit, decorated hut which to Melanie was far more romantic and picturesque than Victor Kiriakis’ bedroom.
Carly was reading from a scroll, which was a present to them from Marlena.
 “ This is the first entry to the story; the story of how the Mayans came to be.
Always in suspense, at peace and in silence. There was not yet a man or a woman;  Neither were there animals or birds, fish, trees or stones.
In this way, the heavens existed, and also the Corzon Del Cielo- the heart of Heaven; This being the name of God and this is how he is called.”
Bo continued, his cheek pressed against Carly’s, “The word then reached here, together came two gods and the darkness in the night. And they joined their words and thought. Then it became clear that when dawn came Man should appear.
Carly read, “Now that be done thusly, they said, "let the emptiness be filled.
If this water withdraw and vacate space, let the land surge up and it shall be solid.”
From Bo, “So they spoke: "Then let there be light. Let there be dawn in the heavens and on earth.”
Carly finished it, “There will be neither glory nor grandeur in our creation until a human creature exists. And with these words of two... the world began.”
And that’s what just happened, Melanie thought, her heart so full of emotion that she didn’t notice Isabella’s arm slip round her waist. Their  own world just began... at last.


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