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Tuesday, December 02, 2014



Melanie found herself in the Brady Pub, or rather what it used to be; the Fish Market. She couldn’t help but think how beautiful young Carly looked in the red and black pants suit she was wearing, her hair pulled back from her face. But her expression was rather sad as she sat at one of the tables with Caroline.

‘There isn’t much to say. I fell for Bo and he didn’t fall for me; simple as that.’
‘And you fell pretty hard, didn’t you?’
 ‘I love him. I know it all happened pretty fast; we haven’t known each other long or gone on a date or anything but there’s something about him… as if I’ve always known him, as if he was the man I’ve been looking for my entire life. But I know for Bo Hope was it and always will be.’ Melanie winced at the tone of resignation in her mother’s voice.
‘Oh Carly… Bo and Hope had that kind of love so special, most people wouldn't dream of it.’ Caroline replied. ‘But there are different kinds of love; I know that better than anybody. You can love two people in different ways and not any less.’
‘I know you’re trying to make me feel better but I don’t know if I’ll find any kind of love with Bo. I can’t keep chasing him; I can’t do that to him and I can’t do that to myself.’
‘She was giving up,’ she said to Isabella as the scene darkened. ‘Of course she did... Molly told me Bo kept rejecting her.’
 ‘It was my fault Victor made his move on her.’ Isabella said quietly. ‘I recommended Carly as his private doctor following his stroke. She was in and out of his house administering his therapy and he in turn administered his charm on her.’
‘It’s not like you knew,’ Melanie protested. ‘You had no way of knowing Victor will lure his way into her life like that.’
‘He did more than that. He was obsessed with her, almost as much as Lawrence was and he was determined to have her. I should’ve warned her; my mother was murdered by my stepfather because of her affair with him.’   
Melanie cringed, shaking her head. ‘I realise what Bo was going through at the time but this was more his fault than it was yours, Isabella. He was the one who sat back and watch Victor date her. He’s the one to blame. I mean... we’re talking about a man who seduced Caroline, a married woman! Why did Bo allow it to happen, why didn’t he do anything?’  
‘I wouldn’t say he didn’t do anything.’ The void lifted and Melanie saw they were in an interior of a cabin, which was made up of one huge room. Carly and Bo were arguing.
‘Victor already thinks you’re a couple.’
‘Does that bother you?’ Carly asked coldly.
‘He’s my father; he’s old enough to be yours!’
‘Age has nothing to with it, Bo.’
‘It has everything to do with it, I think that’s the reason why you’re attracted to him. I think you like the idea of having a father figure around.’
Seeing her mother reddening at his words, Melanie fervently wished she could slap Bo.
‘I think,’ Carly replied, recovering fast from his attack, ‘that you don’t like the idea of me being with anyone at all and the fact Victor is your father’s just giving you an excuse to object.’
Bo watched Carly in silence as she put away some used dishes then sighed. ‘Carly, could you just tell me what you want?’
Melanie was shocked. ‘You’re actually asking her that?’ Isabella signalled her to be quiet.
‘What difference does it make?’ Carly turned to him. ‘What I want, I know I can never have.’ She went on with her chore and Melanie saw Bo was looking uncomfortable. All you have to do is tell her that you love her, it’s so obvious that you do! Melanie wanted to scream at him.
‘Carly, I don’t mean to argue with you, I just don’t want to see you get hurt.’ He said after a brief awkward silence.
‘By Victor?’
‘I’ve been hurt before, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me. I’m a survivor, so don’t worry about me.’ Carly’s airy tone couldn’t hide the bitterness in it.
‘Okay, maybe I don’t have the right to worry about you but I can’t help it. You and I have a lot of differences... but... we also have a connection. I can’t deny it, it’s there.’ His brown eyes were fixed on Carly who was watching him warily. ‘You’ve got to be very careful where Victor is concerned. You never know what he’s up to and he has... a way with women.  He uses all that charm to draw them in. And he’s done that to you, hasn’t he?’
‘No thanks to you,’ Melanie couldn't help but retort, glaring at him.
‘If you mean he’s been attentive, made me feel important and special then yes.’ Was Carly’s cool reply. ‘And more.’
‘What do you mean more?’
‘He’s told me he’s in love with me.’
Bo’s face was now hard. ‘And you? Are you in love with Victor?’
‘For God sake Bo, can’t you see it’s you she’s in love with! And can’t you stop denying what you feel for her?’ Melanie snapped, losing her temper. Isabella held her arm consolingly.
‘I... I have feelings for him,’ Carly said at last, somewhat reluctantly.
‘That’s not what I asked. Do you love him?’
‘I don’t know. There are all kinds of love in the world so what I feel for Victor is... probably one of them. It’s different.’
‘Different from what?’
Fool!  Melanie shook her head in disbelief.
‘Different means it’s not real and I don’t think you should settle for something that is not real.’
‘I don’t think I would know the real thing if it was staring me in the face.’
Bo moved a little nearer to her. ‘it’s real when you share a little boy’s laughter, share his trust, when you can give a gift that has a lot of meaning and you don’t have to explain that.’ Tentatively he reached out and touched her face, cupping her chin. ‘when you can’t stay away from someone, even though you should.’
Melanie stared, her heart lifting at the tender expression now on Bo’s face. He was touching Carly’s face with both hands now and Carly was sobbing as he pressed kisses on her forehead then her mouth, kisses that became more urgent, heated and passionate as Carly returned them, her arms round him.
Lifting her, Bo carried her to the bed and lowered her on it. Embarrassed, Melanie turned to Isabella. ‘Uh... maybe I should skip this part...’
Isabella smiled but firmly turned her back to the couple now entwined on the bed and to her relief, still fully dressed.  Bo was passionately kissing Carly, moving down to her neck and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse; pressing his face against her breasts. But Carly pushed him away, getting out bed. She looked tearful while Bo looked rather taken aback as he stared at her. ‘Carly, what’s wrong?’
Carly shook her head. ‘I can’t let this happen.' Melanie didn’t blame her; in her shoes she would’ve done the same. And Bo had no right to seduce her anyway; not with the way he was behaving.
‘I’m sorry,’ he muttered, sullen now.
‘Are you?’
‘I am.’ Bo got up from the bed, looking as though he wanted pull her back into his arms. ‘you know how I feel...’
‘No Bo, I don’t; I don’t know how you feel. I know you keep telling me to stay out of your life, you don’t want a relationship and there’s just no room for me.’
‘That’s right.’
‘Then what is this?’  Carly demanded, on the verge of tears. ‘What am I supposed to think when you kiss me? When you touch me or when you want to make love to me?’
Melanie turned to Bo, waiting to hear his answer. He was now looking uncomfortable; which further angered her. Just how did he expect Carly to allow him make love to her, after making it clear he didn’t want a permanent thing with her? Melanie didn’t care how much he was hurting; he was being selfish and cruel to her.
‘You’re making a big deal out of this.’
God... she could slap him!
‘So... I’m just a girl you can have a good time with?’ Carly’s tone was now more tearful and distraught.
‘No Carly...’ he protested weakly. ‘I’m not saying that.’
‘Poor pathetic Carly... she’s been begging for it for a long time! That’s how you make me feel, you treat me that way... I feel used!’ Tears rolled down Carly’s cheeks, much to Melanie’s distress. ‘So that’s what you want, have your way with me and then go back to your life like nothing happened!’
‘No, you’re wrong about that!’ Bo denied.
‘Then tell me what you feel! What do you want from me?’
Bo stared at her, unable to answer.
‘I need to know what all this means, please.’ Carly said, struggling to compose herself.
Bo turned away from her abruptly as though trying to maintain control of his emotions.  ‘I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have kissed you.’ He muttered.
Melanie shook her head, feeling terribly sorry for her mother who bowed her head in sorrow at his words. But to her credit, Carly still managed to keep calm. ‘I guess we both did,’ she said miserably. ‘But mine was still believing we stood a chance, that you could forget the past but you never will.’
‘I was honest with you from the very beginning,’ Bo replied, still with his back to her, much to Melanie’s disgust. If he wanted to be crueler, the least he could do was to do so to her face, not take the coward’s stance.
‘I know and I didn’t buy it then but I do now and it’s about time anyway.’
Bo turned back to face Carly as she went on, ‘I’m finally getting your message Bo Brady and you should be happy about it.’
‘You think I’m happy about this?
‘It doesn’t matter!’ Carly was now losing control. ‘It doesn’t matter because there won’t be anymore misunderstandings or arguments... no more nights like this! No fights, no scenes, no feeling at all! You’ve got what you want!’ she began to cry.
‘No I didn’t...’
‘You said you don’t want me in your life, you don’t want love!’ As though she couldn't bear being in the same room as him any longer, Carly turned away from him only for Bo to seize her by the shoulders, holding her; his eyes blazing.
‘No Carly, I want you!’ He stroked her tousled hair, his fingers moving down to wipe her tears. ‘I want you,’ he repeated, pressing frantic kisses on her cheeks and lips; holding her face, a tender expression now on his handsome features. ‘Carly, I love you.’ He said softly. Carly stared at him through damp eyes, incredulous. ‘I do.’ He assured her.
‘Oh my God...’ Melanie whispered, not realising her fingers were clutching her throat. He finally said it, finally.
Bo kissed Carly passionately, drawing her against him. Carly’s arms went up hesitantly and then she was holding him, fervently returning his kisses. Melanie began to smile but then remembered what she’d gleaned from Molly. Something obviously went wrong otherwise Carly wouldn’t have married Victor at all.
The couple finally came up for air, still locked in each other’s arms.
‘You love me.’ Carly said softly.
Bo nodded and smiled, suddenly looking boyishly shy. ‘The night we first met on my pier... I couldn't stop thinking about you. I knew you were trouble.’
A real romantic, Melanie thought sarcastically.
‘But I didn’t realise how much until that rainy night at the other cabin, where we had your birthday celebration. You complained your mattress was lumpy.’ He said, chuckling. Carly laughed with him.
‘I knew then I loved you,’ he admitted, still smiling tenderly at her. ‘I fell for a princess.’
‘It was a good night for both of us,’ Carly replied, her expression just as tender. ‘I fell in love with you that night too. Or maybe it was the first night we met... I don’t remember not being love with you!’ Bo leaned down to kiss her neck and Carly touched his face with both hands. ‘It’s so great to finally being able to say it... really say it.’ She kissed him, nestling close to him as his arms tightened round her. ‘I love you, so much!’
What the hell then happened? Melanie agonised, watching them looking so happily in love. She saw it immediately. A change on Bo’s face as he stroked Carly’s face; as though his mind was elsewhere.  Please tell me he wasn’t thinking about Hope... not at that moment, thought Melanie, upset. But his expression wasn’t of sadness or yearning, it was fear- abject fear. In a flash she remembered what Molly said; Bo knew he loved Carly but he got scared. He was scared of giving in to a great love and have it taken it way from him; he couldn’t stand it happening to him and Shawn D all over again.
Oh no... Melanie immediately knew what he was going to do before he even did it; he disentangled himself from Carly’s arms, his expression back to impassive. Now it was Carly’s turn to be taken aback. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘This is...’ he began.
‘No,’ she whispered.
‘I’m a mistake you shouldn’t make.’
‘That’s my decision...!’
‘No it isn’t.’
‘Bo what....’
Quiet!’ he snapped harshly, as though the sound of her voice would be his undoing. ‘Carly, I won’t be able to give you the kind of life you want... the kind of life you deserve.’ His voice rose, 'I’m not good for you; I’m no good for anyone so just stay away from me.’
Carly went up to him as he turned tentatively touching his arm but he shook it off. Her expression was sad again and it wrung Melanie’s heart to see it. ‘You can’t forget her. And I don’t want you to; I’m not asking you to but she wouldn’t want you to go on living this way.’
Bo refused to answer or look at her.
‘Hope isn’t the only one who died that night; a part of you did... that precious part that wasn’t afraid of loving someone! And I’m so sorry,’ Carly’s tears sprang back, ‘I wish I could take away all your pain but I can’t. And I won’t keep doing this to myself. I love you so much but I can’t spend the rest of my life waiting for you!’ Carly gulped as the tears ran down her cheeks. ‘So you’re going to have to decide if love is worth the risk. I’m willing to risk anything for you.’
Bo’s resolute, stubborn look told Melanie what he’d decided and she hated him for it. ‘How could he be so cruel!’ she burst out. ‘He finally admitted his feelings and then just flung her happiness away... just like that!’
‘Bo didn’t mean to be cruel, Mel. His fear just made him mishandle things.’
‘Well, he sure did a good job of it!’ Melanie brushed back angry tears with the back of her hand. ‘Gave her hope and then took it away from her... and thanks to him she married Victor!’
‘Now be fair,’ Isabella admonished. ‘What did Molly tell you, he wrote a letter to her and Emmy Borden passed it on to Victor who then forged it.’
‘Yeah, so? Why did it have to take a marriage proposal from another man for Bo to finally come to his senses? And why the hell didn’t he go to mum and tell her instead of writing a...’ she faltered, suddenly remembering she’d written a letter to Nathan- a letter he never got- after Phillip’s proposal of marriage. She was guilty of that mistake too.
‘You know what... never mind.’ She said gruffly. Let’s go on.’
‘Victor kissed me last night.’
Melanie immediately felt deep revulsion at the image; very glad Isabella didn’t show her that.  
‘Oh,’ Alice Horton’s eyebrows rose in mild surprise. Hope’s grandmother. Melanie wondered if Hope high and mighty Brady ever knew just how much of a mother figure Mrs. Horton was to her rival. There was genuine compassion and fondness on the older woman’s face as she listened to Carly.
‘Part of me feels so drawn to Victor; he makes me feel special and safe.’  
‘What does that mean; you’re in love with him?’
‘She’s not, Mum... you’re not!’ Melanie said.
‘If you’re asking me if I’m passionately in love with him, the answer is no; I’m not.
But I’m not really an expert; I’ve only been in love twice before and each time it ended badly and I ended up hurt and alone. Maybe this is the kind of love I need you know, this gentle love.’
Melanie felt ill. This was simply too familiar to her, her own mistake of agreeing to marry Phillip when it was really Nathan she loved. True she’d loved Phillip before but compared to how she’d felt for Nathan, it had been more of a passionate infatuation. Her love for Nathan had been more mature, deeper.
Alice Horton’s face wore an expression of doubt. ‘But are you sure this is what you really want, settling for second best?’
‘I don’t think that's what this is.’
‘Well, darling... that other kind of love, it’s there for you. Real love. But all you have to do is to be patient.’
‘Bo and I are over; we had our chance and it’s gone.’
‘So... you’re turning to Victor.’
‘If he can make me happy,’
‘And you think he can make you happy?’
‘I don’t know. All I know is that I’m tired of being sad.’
‘Oh Mum...’ Melanie whispered as Carly and Mrs. Horton left the room arm in arm. Then to her shock she saw through the half open other door,  Bo on a ladder; an odd look on his face. He had obviously heard the whole conversation.
‘He was right there!’ Melanie exclaimed to Isabella. ‘Why didn’t he step up?!'  
‘Stubbornness, I’m afraid. And that stubbornness gave Victor the opportunity to keep courting Carly and then propose to her. In his defence, Bo never thought she would say yes.’
Serious miscalculation, Bo!  Melanie fumed.
‘And don’t forget.... the letter...’
‘Yeah, the letter. Why didn’t he just go to Mum, why send a letter?’
The room darkened then lighted again to show a private hospital room. Bo was in bed, looking pale as he handed a letter to a slightly plump brunette. Emmy, Melanie guessed. ‘He was ill,’ she said, feeling ashamed for judging him.
‘And you already know what happened to that letter.’ Isabella reminded.
Melanie nodded. ‘So Mum went ahead with it because she thought Bo didn’t want her.’  Just like I thought Nathan didn’t want me... no thanks to Stephanie.
‘Yes, I’m afraid. And pride got in the way of them finding out about the forged letter. That wedding would never have happened at all.’
‘Show me.’
The void lifted again and Melanie was confronted by the sight of Carly preparing for the wedding ceremony. ‘What the hell is she wearing?’ Melanie regarded the puffed sleeves of Carly’s wedding dress with horror. ‘It’s wrong on so many levels!’
‘Hey it was the nineties,’ Isabella chided. ‘Besides, it was made by a top designer.’
As far as Melanie was concerned, the nineties’ fashion wasn’t very kind to wedding gowns. To her modern eyes it was a ghastly disaster of a dress but somehow Carly managed to pull it off; being very beautiful. Beautiful and yet sad; Melanie could see the sadness in her mother’s eyes. She wasn’t marrying the man she really wanted, she was settling for less. With her were the bridesmaids; Jennifer and Isabella helping her; both young women in long lace dresses, their hair piled up.
‘You looked great,’ she smiled at Isabella who merely grinned.
After they left the room, Carly picked up a pearl necklace to complete her look. ‘Victor,’ she murmured with a small smile, clicking her tongue in exasperation went it refused to clasp at the back. ‘Jennifer?’ she called. ‘Jen?’
But instead of Jennifer, Bo appeared at the door; devastatingly handsome in his tux. ‘Wow,’ he said, staring at her in admiration.
It amazed Melanie at how Carly managed to remain composed even though she was startled by Bo’s sudden appearance.  If Nathan had walked in on her while she was getting ready on that fateful day she would’ve been a nervous wreck, or rather more than she was then;  aside from the wedding jitters, she kept wondering if Nathan had gotten her letter.
‘You’re even more beautiful than I imagined you’d be in a dress like that.’ His expression was one of longing. ‘You make a beautiful bride.’  
Who would believe he so cruelly rejected her at the cabin?
‘I was looking for Jennifer,’ Carly said rather stiffly. ‘My necklace...’
‘I’ll do it for you.’
‘You don’t have to...’
‘Come on, I got this.’ Taking it from her, he put the pearls round her neck. And taking his sweet time fitting it on too, Melanie thought. The pearls were now securely round Carly’s neck but Bo’s fingers moved rather sensually across her skin and Melanie saw her mother was trembling slightly.  The sexual tension between the couple was so intense that Melanie could barely breathe as she watched them exchange lingering looks.
‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘You better get down before the music starts.’
But Bo stood firm. ‘There’s something I need to say to you.’
Carly’s face turned cold. ‘I don’t have time for this.’
‘It won’t take long.’
‘What do you want to talk about?’  
‘About us,’ he said, brown eyes fixed on her face. ‘The truth about what’s going on between you and me.’
‘Is it any different from what you wrote in your note?’
‘That’s what I want to talk about, I meant every word.’
 ‘Please don’t do this to me,’ Carly’s voice was calm with a bit of steel in it. ‘I read your note so I know what you want to say to me; you want me to be happy.’
Victor, you bastard! Melanie shook with anger.
‘Yeah, it what I’ve always wanted for you..’
‘So don’t keep dragging this because you’ll only end up hurting me all over again, that’s what will come out of it.’
Before Bo could speak, there was a knock on the door. ‘Carly? Have you seen Bo? No one seems to know where the best man is.’
‘Best man...’ Melanie spluttered, ‘he actually had the nerve to ask Bo to be his best man? And Oh God... if only Mum had...’
‘She had nothing but her pride to protect her, you can’t blame her for that. The so called letter stated Bo wanted her to be happy with Victor; you didn’t expect her to show it to Bo, did you?’
I would’ve confronted him, showed him the letter and ask how the hell he could’ve written such a thing to me... the truth would’ve come up right then if she’d showed it to him or at least further talk it out with him... Oh why, why  did Victor interrupt them!’
Isabella patted the distraught girl on the shoulder before revealing the next scene to her; the wedding ceremony. Melanie saw Dr. and Mrs. Horton, both looking anxious; Julie Williams, to her astonishment looking rather sad (surely she didn’t have a thing for Victor?), Caroline and Shawn Brady, Marcus Hunter and that conniving creature Emmy in a blue dress; looking calm yet rather smug. Frankie was standing next to Bo, who was looking smug as well. He thought she would stand Victor up at the altar; Melanie guessed immediately.
Alas no, Carly arrived, bouquet in hand after Jennifer and Isabella and the smug look vanished from Bo’s face as she walked up to Victor, taking his outstretched hand.  Do something! Melanie glared at Bo as the ceremony began. He can’t be that stupid!
‘If there’s anyone who feel there is just cause why these two should not be wed, let him speak now or forever hold his peace...’
Say something, you idiot!’ Melanie shouted, glaring at Bo. ‘Don’t let her go through with it! Isabella, can’t you change time... make things different...!’
Isabella shook her head regretfully.
Melanie make a noise of exasperation and helplessness as she watched Carly repeat her vows with a decidedly forced smile. And Bo watched, stone faced; not moving a muscle the whole time.
‘By the powers vested me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.’
‘Idiot, idiot!’ Melanie stamped her foot, revolted beyond measure at the sight of Victor kissing her mother and Bo simply watching them.  How could he just stand there and allow the woman he loved marry another man-his father for God sake- and a career criminal! Is this what he would’ve done if the groom was Lawrence? Damn it, Bo!
‘Don’t get upset...’ Isabella soothed.
‘Don’t tell me not to get upset! Your brother let my mum  marry that bastard... I know he’s your father too but he’s a bastard all the same!’ Melanie snapped. ‘Bo just stood there... how could he do such a thing if he loved her that much?’ 
‘I’m sorry honey but that’s just how it played out.’
‘Bo couldn't possibly have believed Mum loved Victor.’
‘No, but he also figured Carly had finally given up on him, remember she told him she wasn’t going to keep waiting for him to change his mind; with the way he kept rejecting her.’
Melanie bit her lip, again thinking about how almost similar this situation was with her and Nathan’s history. Brushing it aside, she went on, ‘what now?’ 
The scene changed to the happy couple’s candle-lit bedroom. ‘Oh gross...’ Melanie moaned on seeing Victor in a full length dressing robe. ‘You can’t be serious if you actually think  I’m going to watch this... no way!’
‘I say you should, you have to.’ Isabella’s tone brooked no argument.
Feeling ill, Melanie watched as Carly came out; now dressed in a white robe and nightgown, her chestnut hair loose about her shoulders. Melanie couldn't help but observe how her mother’s smile was forced, her kisses in reply to Victor’s more passive than passionate. But what did I expect, Melanie thought; she doesn’t love him... she can’t pretend that far, even if she wanted to forget Bo. Victor peeled the robe off her shoulders but when he tried to lead her by the hand to the bed, Carly didn’t follow, instead stood where she was. He looked at her in surprise. Carly’s expression was impassive but her green eyes pleading. Melanie fervently hoped the bastard wasn’t going to force himself on her. He didn’t, merely touching her face. ‘It’s okay,’ he said softly.
‘Victor, I’m sorry...’
‘You aren’t ready, are you?’ Victor guessed, rubbing her bare arms. ‘it’s alright my darling. We have a whole lifetime ahead of us. It’s alright.’ He enveloped her in his arms.
In the middle of her  great relief , Melanie watched them shrewdly. She saw the disappointment on Victor’s face and the abject fear on Carly’s as she hugged him back. It wasn’t only that night... there was no time she would ever be ready or willing to give herself to Victor. No matter what she felt for her husband, it wasn’t what she felt for Bo... enough to let him make love to her.
‘She didn’t let him make love to her,’ she said softly, turning to look at Isabella. ‘Not then, not ever.’
‘Not ever.’ Isabella confirmed. ‘Luckily, Victor was still recovering from his stroke then so she had a valid excuse for stalling. All the same, she wouldn’t have given herself to Victor. She simply couldn't.’
‘And Bo?’ Melanie asked rather bitterly. ‘Was he able to show that much self control with that bitch?’
‘See for yourself.’ Now they were in the cabin in Bo’s boat. Bo, shirtless, was lying on top of Emmy, kissing her but rather half heartedly, compared to Emmy who was kissing him eagerly. He pulled away suddenly, shaking his head. ‘This... this is a mistake.’ By the slurring of his words, Melanie realised he was drunk.  Drunk or not, he couldn't make love to Emmy... not with Carly on his mind!
 Emmy sat up, slipping her arms round him but he moved away from her.  Emmy rose to put her dress back on, watching him resentfully.
‘It’s her, isn’t it?’
No reply from him.
‘It’s all her fault!’ Emmy said, anger all over her face. ‘But soon... you will forget her. And when you do, I’ll be waiting.’
Like you could hold a candle to her! Melanie regarded Emmy with loathing and scorn as she kissed Bo on the forehead. After she left, Bo got up and finally let lose his boiling  bottled anger- he threw a few things about, slamming his fist against the wall, making Melanie wince. Carly’s wedding bouquet was on the table and Melanie thought he would rip it to shreds. But instead, young Bo Brady held it against his face and began to cry.
‘Oh Bo...’ Tears filled Melanie’s eyes at the pitiful sight; all anger towards him gone. ‘He couldn't give himself to Emmy either,’ Isabella said softly, placing a hand on Melanie’s shoulder.
 ‘Neither of them could go that far, not with what they knew in their hearts,’ Melanie sniffled, turning to Isabella. ‘I’m glad I saw this. You were right, I had to see it.’
Isabella enveloped her in a hug as the room darkened.  


  1. Wow, those scenes are hard to read, and they are even harder to watch. I'm glad Melanie is able to see Carly's past with Bo, though, because it allows her to see the good side of Bo, even if she hates to admit it. I'm really excited about this story, keep up the good work. :)

    1. Thank You Rachel :) yes those scenes were painful but important for Mel to witness. Will do my best and update again soon.


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