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Saturday, April 07, 2012


At the office; David tries to make Marcelo confess his crime. Cinthia and Aide bully Lorena; Aide slaps Lorena, causing her to fall into the swimming pool. Oscar points out that David acted hastily, he doesn't have evidence yet. David said he'll talk to Elena about it but after he's able to clear Lorena. He admits he's now in love with her and if she's innocent as he believed; he didn't want to lose her.
Back home; Lorena, Aurelio and Julia tell him what Cinthia and Aide did. David tells the two women to treat his wife with respect from now on, or else. They storm out in anger.
In her room, Lorena and David confess their love for each other; exchanging kisses. David told Lorena to think about nothing but them from now on. Lorena is very happy that David loves her. Later that night, David an Lorena go on another date; this time dinner at the yacht to celebrate the new phase of their relationship.
Elena asked Marcelo why he's been so weird around Lorena and he tells a lie; that he had dated Lorena but David had snatched her from him; just like he'd stolen a lot of things from him, including Elena's affection.
Lorena is surprised to learn that their marriage is valid after all. Elena is confused by all Marcelo tells her and said she was going to bed to rest; they'll continue talking tomorrow. As she went to the door, Marcelo asked, 'Where's David and Lorena?'
'They went on a trip in the boat.' was the answer. Marcelo is furious!
Lorena is very shy as David leads her to the master stateroom; locking the door behind them. He kindly tells her not to be scared when he sees the nervous expression on her face. They kiss and kiss some more. David takes off Lorena's white top...

Marcelo enters his room; shaking with rage. At the yacht, Lorena and David get naked and climb under the sheets...
Marcelo begins to smash things in his room to let out his anger; paintings, vases, candlesticks...
David and Lorena make love with wild abandon...
Marcelo smashes more things...(like that will stop them from doing what they were doing)
David and Lorena continue to consummate their love; too far away for Marcelo to disturb them...
Marcelo lays alone in his bed, weeping with anger.
David and Lorena cuddle in each other's arms afterwards...

Sucks to you Marcelo!!!

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