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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Business finally done, David phones German, asking where Marcelo was and is exasperated when informed Marcelo was no where to be found. He tells German he was heading back to Acapulco with his secretary; Marcelo will have to go home himself. David, his secretary and pilot go into the helicopter and it takes off.
As Marcelo and Lorena celebrate; something comes loose and the helicopter flies strangely. David is flung out and falls several feet; the helicopter crash lands; killing the pilot and David's secretary.
Lorena gently reminds Marcelo they'd agreed not to have sex until after the church wedding when he tries to get amorous. He receives a call from German confirming 'everything went according to plan'.Hanging up, he tells Lorena that he was being summoned back to the office in Acapulco.
At the Montalvo mansion, David's younger sister Cinthia complains to Elena that David was too much of a workaholic. Marcelo comes back alone, telling the 2 women that he and David argued again. David's lawyer and best friend Oscar arrives; looking worried and calls Marcelo aside. Cinthia talks with  David's blonde girlfriend Aide, who is confident they'll announce their engagement soon.
Oscar is very worried that David isn't back yet. Marcelo 'receives' a call about the 'accident' and tells Oscar about it. As Oscar weeps, Marcelo tries to hide his glee. (BASTARD!)
Marcelo breaks the news to Elena, Cinthia and Aide; who cry in anguish as well- Cinthia rushes off to inform her husband Enrique.
Later, Marcelo shows Elena the marriage certificate and a photo of Lorena  he'd 'found' in David's room. Elena is surprised David had married in secret to someone he never spoke of but agreed to call her; her number was in David's address book (put there by Marcelo of course). Lorena's amazement at the call from Elena turns to devastation at the news of 'David's' death.
She and Lorena arrive at Acapulco; Julia is amazed and impressed by the mansion while poor Lorena is very confused. Elena welcomed them both. Lorena still doesn't understand; Davis had told her he had no family, which puzzles Elena as well but explained that she was David's stepmother and she had another son, Marcelo who was away; investigating the accident. (Yeah, right) Lorena sobbed, unable to accept that David was dead.
Cinthia hopes Aide won't make a spectacle of herself at the the memorial service; she was of course pissed off that David had 'cheated' on her. Elena comes out with Lorena and Julia and introduced them to Cinthia and Enrique. Cinthia looked disdainfully at their simple dresses.
In Zithuatanejo; Lorena's father is amazed when Marcelo appeared and tells him the truth about himself- blackmailing him to keep quiet.
Cinthia is furious Marcelo didn't come to the memorial service. Enrique is resentful David had married before he died as Cinthia was deprived of inheriting; Lorena was the heiress instead.
Meanwhile, a very injured David was being tended to by two men who had found him!
Lorena gets the shock of her life when 'David' wakes her up from sleep; he prevents her from screaming.
Elena defends Lorena when Cinthia and Enrique say disdainful things about her.
In the garden, Lorena is horrified when Marcelo tells he he isn't David and refuses to let everyone keep believing she's David's widow. Marcelo hotly denies being behind the accident when she accused him.
David promised to reward his rescuers if they take him home; throwing in his gold watch in addition. (VERY tacky to accept money for saving a life by the way)
'You killed him, didn't you?' Lorena shouted at Marcelo. He said he didn't but admitted he'd always wanted David's money and that he and Lorena can enjoy it once they married proper. But Lorena refused to go with such a plan, neither can she forgive him for lying to her.
In the morning, Lorena is prepared to go back to her town but Marcelo stopped her; warning her that no one messed with him; her Papa, Aurellio and Julia will be killed if she didn't cooperate.
At the gates; a van arrives, with David, wounded and bleeding! The amazed guards help him into the house; calling for Elena. Lorena and Marcelo are shocked; Marcelo hurries to David as he's led into the living room. David sees the beautiful stranger staring at him. 'Who are you?' he asked, before passing out...

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