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Saturday, April 07, 2012


David is rushed to the hospital and he doesn't remember the events before the crash. Oscar said that his wife has gotten over the shock and wants to see him.
'Who?' asked David.
'Lorena, of course.'
David, naturally, is VERY confused.
Lorena and Julia don't know what to do; Marcelo might carry out his threat of murdering them if they told David or Elena what happened. Lorena wondered how on earth could she have fallen for a man like Marcelo.
Marcelo on the other hand wondered why David hasn't denied Lorena as his wife but planned to frame Lorena if David does make an accusation. Lorena goes to see David and the conversation is awkward. Marcelo barges in and tries to get Lorena out of the room but David insisted she stay.
David is more baffled at the photo of him and Lorena (doctored); even if he couldn't remember their wedding at least he would remember a beautiful lady like her being in his life. German and Marcelo talk; Marcelo is very uneasy at the way David accepted that Lorena is his wife.
David voiced his suspicion to Oscar- that the accident was NO accident!
David invites Lorena out to dinner; smiling warmly at her when she appeared in a beautiful halter neck dress- one the dresses he'd ordered for her. Marcelo is not pleased and yells at Julia when she suggests that Lorena should keep posing as David's wife.
At the restaurant; Lorena is relaxed around David who is enchanted and amused by her, in spite of himself; remarking she had beautiful eyes and hair. When they arrived home later, he offered her a necklace as a present but she refused to accept it. David suddenly pulled her to him and they exchanged a very passionate kiss. Marcelo balefully watch as  they cling to each other...

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