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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Long before I created this blog; I found out my favourite telenovela , TU O NADIE was remade twice in 1995; ACAPULCO BAY & ACAPULCO CUERPO y ALMA (Acapulco with Body and Soul). At first I thought Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma  was the 2nd version of TU O NADIE but according to one of the actors of ACAPULCO BAY after I commented on FACEBOOK that both remakes were shot in the same house; it was released after ACAPULCO BAY (the only remake true to the original). So now... I'm sharing the episodes of this version of Tu O Nadie in this blog. 

 Zithuatanejo. A beautiful young woman runs across the street laughing gaily and  holding a package; her shiny black hair flying in the breeze. This is the heroine- Lorena Garcia and she's on her way back from the tailor's with her wedding dress. Waiting for her at their father's beach restaurant & bar is her younger sister,Julia who isn't pleased Lorena is late but Lorena is too happy to care; she holds up her pink flowery dress for Julia's inspection. 

Acapulco. Marcelo de Maris, who's been passing himself off as someone else to Lorena is scolded by his stepbrother for unauthorised purchase of land in Zithuatanejo. His stepbrother is a handsome man; late 30s or early 40s- David Montalvo; the hero of this  story. 
Back in Zithuatanejo; Julia remarks to Lorena that it's strange 'David' doesn't want a reception nor was he inviting his friends to the wedding. Lorena reminds Julia that David has no family and they'll have a huge party when they do the church wedding. (Poor Lorena!) Julia is obviously jealous of Lorena's upcoming wedding as Lorena won't be working in the bar after that. 
Back in Acapulco, Marcelo's Mum and David's Stepmum Elena Montalvo asked Marcelo if he'd talked with his brother. Marcelo snappishly reminds her David is NOT his brother and they hated each other. Actually he's very resentful that the late Mr. Montalvo had left David everything (his resentment is not justified as David is a Montalvo while he isn't, besides that- David's father had left him a huge trust fund & a permanent position in the company). David and Marcelo later travel to Zithuatanejo to deal the purchase Marcelo had made without David's permission. While David is handling business matters, Marcelo sneaks off to marry Lorena in a civil ceremony. (As David's name and signature is in the marriage certificate she's NOT really married to Marcelo). Meanwhile, the helicopter David arrived in is being sabotaged by German; Marcelo's henchman.

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