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Saturday, April 07, 2012


Enrique and Cinthia fight over their marriage. Marcelo is furious with Lorena for kissing David. Lorena protested she had to; but Marcelo disagreed- she'd kissed David because she wanted to; he didn't force her at all. He warned her not to betray him as she still belonged to him. But Lorena proudly stood her ground; she belonged to NO ONE! Marcelo demanded that she asked David for a divorce; that she should tell him she hated him. (Like that will be easy; it's obvious Lorena is already attracted to David and vice versa). Enrique sees them arguing and tells David.
Cinthia and David argue over money she's been spending a lot lately. Cinthia callously remarked that maybe things would have been better if he HAD died. She takes out her anger on Lorena, sarcastically pointing out Lorena's simple dress- 'still dressed like a beggar.' Didn't David buy her new clothes?
Lorena calmly told her to mind her own business. Cinthia warned her she'll have a very difficult time as she had no place in the house but Lorena is thickskinned; the remarks don't bother her. Cinthia went on to call her a vulgar woman who had cast a spell on her brother, which was her speciality. Furious- Lorena slapped her on the cheek. Before Cinthia could retaliate, David appeared. 'Lorena, come here.' Lorena followed him to his study. He wants them to take a trip to her town; she's uneasy again but agreed.
They arrive at her house; David meets Aurelio and his suspicion mounts when Aurelio introduced himself; since they supposedly knew each other already.
Back in Acapulco, German asks Julia out and they talk about Marcelo who is upset Lorena is leaning towards David every day. Julia pointed out that Marcelo had lied to her sister so he deserved it and she too is certain he was behind the accident.
Lorena wants to tell David the truth as he's been very kind to her but is scared of Marcelo. Marcelo wants Julia on his side.
Lorena tells her best friend Clarita(who was told the whole story by Aurelio) that she was falling in love with David...
David suddenly remembers the events BEFORE the accident. He and Lorena return with Aurelio and Elena warmly welcomes him. Oscar is told by David that he truly didn't know Lorena and her family and the man who had rented the apartment as David fits Marcelo's description. He was now sure Marcelo planned to kill him...
Later that night, David and Lorena take a walk at the beach; talking. Lorena tells him about Clarita, he in turn tells her about Oscar. When she talks about honesty between friends, David urges her to take off her disguise and tell him who she really was. Lorena runs to the water upset and David goes after her; afraid she might hurt herself. Lorena breaks down in tears and confesses all...
Julia wants Aurelio to make Lorena stay with David but Aurelio feels David should be told the truth. At the beach;  David holds Lorena in his arms as she tells the whole story; pleading his forgiveness. David is shocked and furious that Marcelo would use Lorena like that. Lorena suggest they get a divorce, she was tired of the intrigue and lies.
'Do you want to leave?' David asked, looking deep in her eyes. Lorena stares back at him.
Marcelo accuses David of always finding ways of humiliating him as David has given instructions to the staff that Marcelo can't lift a finger without he or  Oscar's say; once again Elena defends David.
At the beach,  David consoles Lorena; kissing her on the forehead, still holding her. Lorena asked 'What will we do, David?'
David said she was not to tell anyone he now knew the truth; he will force Marcelo to confess. As for them. they'll continue being close and work on their relationship.

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