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Friday, January 08, 2010


Okay, so far we cannot say 'it's on' betwen the two women that play a major part in Bo Brady's life- because the battle has'nt exactly started. Someone left a negative comment about Carly in Princess & Fancy-Face: Who will Bo choose eventually? and it's really not fair. May I remind those who've been following this new storyline that the reason Carly is back in Salem has NOTHING to do with Bo. I agree  she made a mistake  telling Bo she was in love with him again but then again Bo refused to let that confession slide and HE was the one who grabbed her and kissed her and wasn't at all sorry for what he did.
Carly told him she was'nt going to be 'the other woman' and he should forget what she said, Bo does'nt want to and he got offended when Carly started avoiding to the extent he went to the hospital to scold her about it. What does that tell you, people?

Hope meanwhile; she moved out of her matrimonial home despite Bo's pleas and got angry when she later  found Carly sleeping in the bed she and Bo shared. From the way she reacted, one whould think Bo was sleeping next to Carly- which he was'nt. She accused Bo of gambling with their daughter's life, now she's angry and resentful that he's apparently getting compassion from his ex fiancee, an ex fiancee everyone thinks is a husband snatcher. Obviously the fans who are condemning Carly did not watch the old episodes of DAYS; she's one of the rare characters who is without blemish- she WOULD never take away another person's husband or break up a happy home.
 Personally, I don't care who Bo chooses eventually; what I do care about is Carly NOT getting hurt- heaven knows she has enough burdens on her shoulders right now. So, folks...go easy on the lady from now on. Your comments and opinions are still welcome!

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