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Wednesday, January 06, 2010



By the way folks, most of the posts on DAYS OF OUR LIVES will mostly  surround Bo & Carly, as well as Bo's wife Hope, his cousin Justin who has the hots for Hope and Carly's enemies; Victor Kiriakis and Vivian Alaimaine-(I just pray that Carly doesn't end up being buried alive AGAIN!)
Right now Carly can rest easy for a while because Bo said whoever went through her medical records didn't find much. Filled with relief, she thanked him and gave him a hug, which from the look on his face as he hugged her back,  by the way,  affected him a lot, despite their mutual agreement of NOT pursuing the possiblity of rebuilding their old relationship until Vivian was taken care of. This time he managed NOT to kiss her, but it was obvious he wanted to!
Hope and Justin meanwhile, want to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Carly- the secret that Vivian seemed to be hiding also. They enter Vivian's room and are about to prise open the puzzle box they felt the secret was being hidden; they heard footsteps! Not knowing what else to do, they kissed and Victor and Vivian saw the whole thing, shocked. To cover up further, Hope told them it was because she saw Carly and her husband kissing,(mega move Hope, If Carly ends up killed for good, Bo will know who to blame!)- two people who hate poor Carly!
Carly suddenly asked Bo why he wasn't with his family on New Year's Day. He bitterly replied there was nothing going on at home; Hope and Ciara were still at Victor's mansion and he couldn't bring himself to go there, not Christmas Night when he had to stomach everyone urging him to reconcile with Hope and his cousin's not so subtle moves on his wife. Carly had suspected Justin of having feelings for Hope because he'd kept on asking if she(Carly) was still in love with Bo since her return from Salem. She remarked that because he may have feelings for Hope, doesn't mean he would ACT on them; Bo snorted in disbelief. That made Carly ask him if that would bother him at all.

GOOD QUESTION- would it really  bother him???

 Folks, Hope was the love of his life long before Carly; when he and Carly first met, he was mourning Hope(thought to be dead from drowning), he struggled against falling in love with Carly as he didn't want to suffer yet another heartbreak. When he did admit that he loved her , he still would'nt commit to her because of Hope's memory- (p.s naija folks, his pet name for Hope is 'Fancy Face', DON'T ask me why)- which made Carly accept a marriage proposal from Victor Kiriakis- Bo's father by default(his mother Caroline had had an affair with him years back and until he found out, Bo always thought his father was Caroline's husband- Shawn Brady. Even after it got out, BO NEVER called Victor 'Dad', that was reserved for Shawn till the day he died).
After that, Bo realised his mistake and sent a letter to Carly to forgive him and give him another chance.
Unfortunately, the messenger was a young woman who too loved Bo, she gave it to Victor instead. The old bastard had it forged and Carly read the wrong message. She married Victor  but the marriage was never consummated and by the time she knew the truth, Bo was very ill from a virus meant for Carly. Emmy, the awful girl that had given the letter to Victor, wanted to finish Carly for good because Bo was still not interested in her, slipped the vial into Carly's champagne glass and alas, Bo drank it instead!
So when Carly showed him the forged letter, he told her to go away as he did'nt want her to know he was ill- as she deserved better. But when he got really really ill, he summoned her and told her the truth. Victor gave Carly the cure, with the condition that she returned to him. When she told Bo, he got her a lawyer and an annulment date was set. Like I mentioned in the last post, Victor refused to go out like that; he tried to get Bo killed, only for Carly to walk into the trap set for Bo- his own SON! (You know see how ruthless that man is?)

But I digress- Bo's reply was yes, it would bother him because it would change everything. Carly, to her credit didn't ask for an explaination, she hugged him and wished him Happy New Year, he gave her a New Year present and she left. Back at the hospital, Carly had a flashback New Year's Day, 1992...

I'd watched that episode and it was very funny; Bo and Hope's son, Shawn-Douglas had caught Bo and Carly  making out and snapped a photo of them! (Don't worry.. they still had their clothes on). After sending the naughty boy off to bed , Bo brought out a bell and told Carly of the Irish tradition of ringing in the New Year eight times- which they did together. Carly looked wistful; I think that ray of hope of her and Bo getting back together is fading, FAST.

 Vivian ran into him and told him about Hope and Justin's kiss and I DIDN'T like the look on Bo's face. WHY did he kiss Carly in the first place- out of real desire to have her back in his life or to satisfy a human desire?
He's bothered at the idea of Hope and Justin getting together- which confirms my fear- Carly IS GOING to end up being the loser; there is a very strong possibility Bo and Hope WILL reconcile.
 Who will end up with Bo eventually; Carly a.k.a  Princess  or Hope a.k.a Fancy Face???

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  1. I'm not sure who will be the person he actually ends up with. What I am sure of is that Bo has very strong feelings for both women. I personally think since I am a Bo and Carly fan that Carly is a better fit for him. They understand each other better and she doesn't try to change him into something he isn't. Hope is his first love though and they do have a daughter and sometimes that can be a strong pull. What I would like to see is a real triangle to be played out and possibly even see Bo be on his own for a while so that he can sort out what he really wants. Not what others want for him or what he thinks he's supposed to do, but what he really wants. If he did that I believe his heart would leave him to Carly. However, Bo being Bo I'm afraid his sense of responsibility to his family and guilt over some of the things that have happened may lead him back to Hope. I guess I didn't really answer the question but that is my opinion.


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