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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Alright, this is what happened. After Carly's elevator scare at the hopital, Bo took her back to her room at the hotel and opened up a couple of beers. He asked her what happened and she told him how Vivian had provoked her into admitting Lawrence's murder- that she'd killed him and WOULD kill him again if she got another chance. She felt angry at the feeling of being weak but Bo firmly interrupted her; he said she was a strong, courageous and generous woman- the same Carly Manning he'd fallen in love with years ago.
Carly got up to put down her drink, saying how she'd always thought of herself as an independent person. I could'nt help but notice that Bo had followed her and was standing very close to her-just behind. Carly then turned to him and said, 'I needed you today... and you were there.'

Without a word, Bo grabbed her and there they were, kissing very thoroughly. Obviously, since that Christmas kiss, Bo had badly wanted to kiss Carly again and since there was no one around to interrupt them this time- you bet your skippy he  gave it his BEST SHOT!
Next came the making out where Bo's jacket got ripped off him. Carly then asked him a question; she asked if he'd ever thought what would have happened if Hope had'nt returned or Larry had'nt swept her off her feet(brainwashed you mean!)... Bo said, 'if we would still be together?'
She nodded.

'we're together now- that's all that matters.' and then grabbed her again for another kiss. In the middle of it all Carly suddenly pulled back- she had second thoughts. But Bo did'nt want to go out like that, he said she should'nt feel guilty. Carly pointed out what they were doing was happening so fast, she wanted to be sure HE was sure. Bo guessed correctly that she was afraid he'll later regret it. She nodded. He urged he to forget the world outside and concentrate on them both- off came the clothes and serious sex!

My opinion? VERY BAD!
This is a couple who've lost contact for 17 years. Carly returned to Bo's life during  a time he needed a friend to console him after Hope left their home along with their daughter.She needed his protection which he gave he wholeheartedly, their interraction slowly  stirred old memories and feeling. It was inevitable that Carly would fall in love with Bo again and Bo to have tender and sexual feelings for Carly but why must the DAYS writers make their physical reunion so indecent- letting them have sex when Bo is still married and STILL IN LOVE with Hope? Steamy or not, compared to the very first time they were intimate back in 1991, this was NOT RIGHT at all. Now they've turned Bo-Mr. Straight- to a cheating husband and Carly- an upright, principled woman- to 'the other woman'. Not good AT ALL!!!

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