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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Chucho was amazed when Daniel told him about what Martha had done, hadn’t he seen the victim get up and run? Tonio called Oscar to examine Vicky; the recent events had made her ill. Tonio decides to ask Raquel for a divorce; he couldn't stay married to a woman he no longer trusted.Max in the meantime refused to let the matter rest; he wanted to now punish Raquel and Martha for telling on him. How? He asked Julia, the wife of the 'victim' to get him someone injured badly from an accident. Julia soon brought him someone- Mercedes, Chucho's friend who had a bed riden brother- Gabriel! Max instructed Meche on what to do or say, with the promise of a fat fee.  Raquel gets another call from Roberto Egere(actually it's Gato, Rodrigo's employee posing as Roberto just to annoy Raquel), to make matters worse. Tonio asked her to tell the man to meet with her but she hung up the phone- tired of  the whole thing. Tonio left the room, more suspicious of her than ever. Raquel went after him to talk things out but went back; he was talking rather intimately with Maura. Maura wasn't pleased to hear that Raquel had gone for a pregnancy test; she asked if Tonio would name the child after himself or after his late father, Alberto.
Vicky asked Raquel to her her her story again- Max's first pretence and the blackmail but it was clear Vicky still didn't believe her. Tonio called the police captain to the house to talk about Martha's case. The man informed him that the victim has shown up- his sister had made the report. Meche informed her brother of the plan and he wasnt happy at the idea of lying. She argued it would give him the opportunity of walking again as the Lombado family will pay his medical bills. He asked who was this man who paid her to do this scam. She replied, 'Roberto Egere.'
 The police captain told Raquel and Tonio that  would be in Martha's best interest if she voluntarily turned herself in and plead guilty; she could get leniency or a light sentence. Oscar came to see Vicky and to give Raquel the results of her test. He's accompanied by a very handsome young man- his son Humberto, also a doctor. Raquel is introduced to him and he's clearly enthralled by her.
Oscar told Raquel that her blood pressure was a bit high and gave her vitamins to take on a daily basis. She wasn't pregnant after all but he said she was young and healthy- a child will come eventually. Raquel was disappointed, especially with the current situation between her and Tonio. A child could have softened him and bring them back together.


  1. Thank you for describing the episodes - you explain the scenes/storyline so well. I wish the telenovela could be shown again - it is such a great story.

  2. thanks for posting this!! great description. keep it up until the ending

  3. Thanks Amina....


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