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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Tonio made Raquel take her medication and left her to get some rest.
Martha later told Daniel what had happened and he was angry after he heard of Max's sleazy plan- he may be old but he was still capable of protecting his own daughter. He went to Raquel's room to see her and she gave him the hotel key, begging him to get rid of it. Later when Chucho visited him at the guest bungalow, he held the key and was about to ask Chucho to throw it away from him but then changed his mind. Big mistake that turned out because when Tonio asked Ramon about the key he'd seen in the bedroom; Chucho asked if the key looked like a hotel key because he'd seen something like that with Daniel! When he realised his mistake, he went to Raquel to warn her. The next morning, Max heard from Martha that her sister had gone to the hospital for a pregnancy test. At the bungalow, Daniel apologised to Raquel for his carelessness and assured her if Tonio asked, he'll say the key was the key to their apartment at Guadalajara. Martha expressed her fears to Luis- afraid of going to jail for manslaughter. Max cornered Raquel and asked if it was true she was pregnant. Raquel replied that she wouldn't know until the tests came out. Max tried to force himself on her, demanding that she obeyed him or Martha would go to jail. Struggling hard, Raquel got away from him and fled, but ALAS! Andres,coming back from a game of tennis saw the whole thing and misread it and MUCH WORSE, Raquel's clip-on earring fell  off without her noticing and Max picked it up from the ground and it went into his pocket.
After finishing business with Pablo, Tonio was approached by Andres who reluctantly told him what he'd seen. (tell-tale!) Totally furious, Tonio angrily confronted Raquel when she entered the room, asking her where she was coming from. When she said she'd been with her father, he grabbed her by the shoulders, calling her 'a slut'. Andres moved to rescue her and to calm his friend down. As he continued scolding Raquel and accusing her of cheating on him- Vicky, Martha, Camilla and Alejandra entered the room just in time to hear the whole thing. As he grabbed her again, Martha, unable to allow her sister take the blame for something that wasn't her fault; jumped in and told Tonio to leave her sister alone; she never cheated on him- she only  lied to protect her. Raquel asked her repeatedly to shut up but Martha stubbornly told everyone about the accident and what Max proposed to Raquel. Tonio let go of a sobbing Raquel and stormed outside, Andres hurriedly following him.

Catching up with him outside, Andres asked him where he was going. Tonio angrily replied he was going to find Max and beat the shit out of him for trying to take advantage of his wife! Andres however talked him out of it with some difficulty and they went back inside, where Camilla was angrily scolding Raquel and Martha. Everyone except Camilla and Alejandra followed Tonio into his study. Martha told the story in full to her brother-in-law. Tonio was very angry, Martha had driven without a licence, the victim probably had relatives and why on earth didn't Raquel tell him earlier, he would have made his own investigations in the matter. Raquel pleaded with him; she'd been too afraid to. (what an IDIOT!)
Alejandra entered the study to tell Raquel she had her support in the matter. Luis was sent for and Tonio scolded him for allowing Martha take the wheel when she didn't have a licence and fired him on the spot. (serves him right!). Also, he was not to go near Martha again.

Inside her room , Vicky wept hysterically, she couldn't believe her own son would try to use Tonio's wife in such a manner through blackmail. Camilla didn't offer any sympathy but Tonio entered the room and tried to console his stepmother who continued crying and lamenting. As if he couldn't sink any lower, Max entered the room and innocently asked what was wrong!
Just barely controlling himself, Tonio got up and told Vicky he'll leave the scolding to her and left the room. Of course Max put on his outraged expression and denied the whole thing!
He later went to Luis' quarters and Luis informed him Martha had spilled the beans to Tonio- to his utter fury. Daniel went upstairs  to see Martha.
 Andres asked Max about what he tried to do to Raquel and Max denied it, in fact he shamelessly said Raquel only accused him because she'd been trying to seduce him! The first-class bastard had the audacity to ask Raquel as she walked into the room, if it wasn't true she'd been trying to seduce him? (what can you do with such an evil creature like that man?!)

Filled with rage, Raquel flew at Max; slapping and scratching him but Andres pulled her away, Max in the meantime fled the room.(yeah, you better run, PIG!) Andres and Alejandra tried to calm Raquel down but she was so angry and hysterical that on Andres' instruction, Alejandra took her upstairs to her room. She tried to console Raquel who started weeping and assured her that she personally believed she was telling the truth.

Tonio told Andres he'd made some investigations but so far there's been no police reports about recent hit and run incidents.
Raquel begged Tonio for forgiveness and his understanding but he was far too angry. All that had happened and she couldn't confide in her own husband and she was going  to actually go to the hotel to meet Max. Raquel pleaded with him; she was going to go there true, but to TALK him out of what he wanted to do, she would never, ever cheat on him. Tonio, alas... no longer trusted her...

From bad to worse! 

NEXT SNIPPET: Tonio begins to think about divorce!

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