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Monday, January 04, 2010

CARLY AND BO : An Old Love rekindling???

Like I said in my last posts under Days Of Our Lives, Days Of Our Lives has  gotten  all the more interesting ever since  Dr. Carly Manning  returned to Salem. 16 years ago she and Bo Brady  tearfully broke their engagement after being brainwashed by Lawrence Alamaine when she was suffering from amnesia; her return couldn't have come at a better time! Bo had fallen out with his wife Hope who moved out of their house along with their youngest child, Ciara. Carly turned to him for protection for her yet unmasked daughter and herself  and he took on the role without  hesitation; to the annoyance of Hope, who Bo refused to tell Carly's secret.

Now it seems their old love is rising again for 2 reasons:
 Bo discovered Carly still had the Mayan scroll they'd read the night of their ''commmitment ceremony/ symbolic wedding" and then Carly made the mistake of telling Bo she was falling in love with him again after he'd confided that things were not looking up with him and Hope. But by the time she started regretting her action and avoiding Bo; Bo refused to forget what she'd said!

Now it's reached a third level- Carly got upset because her old enemy Vivian Alamaine now knows she has a secret daughter and plans to do what Carly's sadistic late husband failed to do-eliminate her. Bo consoled her, promising over again he'll protect Carly and the girl, then (to my astonishment) kissed her! And, to make things MUCH worse, Hope saw them at it through the glass partion of the front door!

After Carly left them alone, Hope told Bo their marriage was over and he did'nt even bother asking her to reconsider and  when Hope confronted him over the kiss, he pointed out that kiss would'nt have happened at all if he and Hope were okay, which they were'nt; which means he wasn't at all sorry for kissing Carly. The good doctor  however felt very guilty and told Bo she wasn't going to be "the other woman", Bo replied the breakup of his marriage had NOTHING to do with her and more or less showed he wanted her back in his  life. But for that to happen, Carly's daughter has to be protected against Vivian. And even if they manage to get rid of Vivian, there's  still her partner in crime  Victor Kiriakis to worry about- he's Bo's biological father/ex-rival for Carly's affections/Carly's ex husband (for naija folks , a VERY LONG story) who would no doubt put a lot of obstacles to prevent them to be 'the princess & the sailor' again. Believe it or not, this man once tried to kill Bo by cutting the wire of an elevator but alas, Carly was the one in the elevator and almost died- all because he didn't want them to be together once the annullment of his marriage to Carly was granted.
 And it seems Carly has started nursing a faint hope she and Bo could begin again- thanks to a flashback of another happy memory. She and Bo struggled had to be together years ago; now the struggle is going to be one LONG, HARD, BATTLE!

But in the meantime, a few more images depiciting Carly & Bo down memory lane...

When Bo and Carly kissed for the very FIRST time

 When Bo was recovering from the illness caused by the virus.                                           

Carly reading a story to Bo's son, Shawn-Douglas, to whom she was a mother figure for a  long time.
On the day of Carly' bridal shower, Bo was kidnapped. His police officer  brother, Roman, got him away from the captors and Bo showed up at a  charity masquerade ball and saw his beloved  for the first time in 2 months. She however had no idea that  Bo was right behind her.

Disobeying his brother, Bo followed Carly to the balcony. At first she thought it was Lawrence and without turning round, told him to go away. But she turned around when she heard Bo's familiar voice and gasped when he said, 'May I have this dance, Princess?' (Princess is Bo's pet name for her)

Bo revealed himself to Carly. (the role of Bo Brady was played by a second actor, Robert Kelker-Kelly for 3 years before the first actor, Peter Reckell returned to play Bo again)

Bo discussing his time in captivity

Celebrating Bo's return. When family and friends kept invading their privacy, the couple escaped to the park to celebrate on their own!
Bo cheering Carly up when she'd been having nightmares about her stillborn baby. (Bo later investigated and found out that Vivian Alamaine had bribed the doctor to lie to Carly and had been raising the child, Nicky as her own son. Ironically, the child's father is Lawrence, Vivian's NOW dead nephew)
Carly confessed to Bo she was falling in love with him again. She tried to walk away but Bo prevented her from doing so.


  1. Great article. I just want to say, though, that Bo & Carly's first kiss wasn't in the tunnel; that was their second kiss. Their actual first kiss was in the Alamainia garden after Bo first told Carly how he felt about her, and it was his way of expressing how he felt & a way of comforting her. (He was wearing a grayish shirt & Carly was wearing a reddish shirt, if that helps.)

  2. Oh I knew that, lol but I forgot to change the pic; I could not find the right clip at the time! Thanks!


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