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Saturday, January 09, 2010


I know I said in my last post about the battle between Bo's wife & ex-fiancee yet to officially start; well you might want to  forget what I said because NOW IT HAS!
A recent episode showed Bo, arguing with his cousin, Justin Kiriakis about the kiss he'd shared with Hope.(A pretend  kiss to Hope but NOT to Justin who hopes Hope will return his feelings for her)
Justin in return pointed out to Bo that if he still loved Hope, he would'nt have kissed Carly instead. True enough, Bo himself  pointed out to Hope his kiss with Carly wouldn't have happened if their marriage was okay- so what are we saying here? Jusitn also told him that he HAD to choose between Hope and Carly since there's no way he can have BOTH women! Meanwhile, Carly had the misfortune of being stuck in an elevator with her nemesis, Vivian- yes, that she-devil who'd once had her buried alive. Carly told her she'd killed Lawrence because he was a monster, Vivian vowed to still get her revenge on her. She left the elevator and pushed some buttons; trapping Carly in the elevator. Carly of course freaked out because after the casket incident she'd developed claustraphobia. Like the time she screamed for Bo while in the casket, she screamed for Bo to get her out of the elevator. A maintanace man got her out later, assisted by who else but her knight in shining armour, Bo and he grabbed the shaken woman into his arms...

What did he do next? He took her back to her hotel and they had a talk over a couple of beers and he just happened to say she was still the same Carly he'd fallen in love with years ago. Next thing, they began kissing and making out!
At first when I found out, I was like, 'come on, Bo??? He's a straight guy and Carly already said she was'nt going to be the other woman'. But I was forced to change my mind after viewing one of  NBC's sneak peeks- a spoiler video clip of the  happy couple ripping each other's clothes (and almost each other) to shreds and getting it on BIG TIME; Bo was obviously more than anxious to have sex with Carly.

Of course I was SHOCKED; Bo is still married, what was he thinking? Carly, I don't completely  blame because this is the second time Bo would take advantage of her vulnerable state and it's all because he's lonely after Hope moving out of their home and where else to seek comfort  than in the arms of his former lover... who still loves him?
It's just like I feared; that kiss Hope unfortunately witnessed, I'm now 98% sure it's more to fufill a human desire when Bo is concerned but Carly is IN LOVE with him and now they've so crossed the line!
 What will happen when he eventually goes back to Hope? Or, is he suddenly in  love with Carly like he was 17 years ago? I'm forseeing a period of heartbreak for Carly Manning...

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