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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Claudio comes in to find Raquel having breakfast alone; he’s told Tonio had gone out. He tries to make Raquel less distant towards him but she leaves the table and gets pounced on by Evil Max, who takes her to the study to make her change her mind but she walked out on him angrily. Maura is angry on discovering Tonio only asked her to bother Raquel, the afternoon sucked as a result. Raquel told her father what happened, adding that if Tonio really loved her, he won’t have gone off with ‘her’. Daniel advised her to let her heart guide her, instead of doubting Tonio all the time. Victoria is surprised to hear from an angry Raquel that Tonio had gone out with Maura. Chucho, the man who had saved Tonio’s life, arrives at the mansion and is allowed in. Martha informs Raquel, who is sulking in her room that Tonio was home and asked her if she was coming down to dinner, Raquel said no.
Chucho returned the Rolex Tonio had allowed him to keep since he wasn’t able to sell it. Tonio promised to give him money the following day and allowed him to spend the night. Martha tells Tonio Raquel hasn’t eaten the whole day, she could get sick. Tonio goes upstairs and enters Raquel’s room without knocking; Raquel was just getting ready for bed and not pleased to see him.
He asked her why wasn’t she coming down to eat, did she want to get sick? She coldly asked him, ‘what do you care?’ and tries to walk away but is grabbed by the arm, he told her to get dressed.
When she didn’t say a word to him, he asked what it mattered if he said he did care, she won’t believe him. She gave him a resentful look and he asked he what was wrong.
‘You had a good time, didn’t you?’ she asked and he had the grace to look embarrassed.
He said he didn’t, and asked her to pardon him; he had no idea she’d be upset, since last night she’d said he didn’t care. She denied being upset; he could go wherever he liked, but since they were married, what would people think?
Was that the only reason, he asked, or more than that? Raquel is too shy to say anything.
He urged her to tell him the truth, didn’t she care about him?
Breaking down (and it was about time!) she hugged him, pressing her cheek against his; he hugged her back, saying how much he loved her and they exchanged their FIRST PROPER KISS (we all cheered again), Raquel then suggested they went down to dinner after all. But Tonio, with a glint in his eye, said he didn’t want to eat now.
Smiling back at him, she reached out and they kiss again, this time a lot more sensually…


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