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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Tonio confronts Max with what Raquel had told him, Max replies that he won’t be going to jail alone. Ignoring him, Tonio tells Raquel to gather her things and come home with him. Max angrily replies she’ll go with him over his dead body. Tonio points a pistol at him when he tries to move towards Raquel and warns him not to return to Acapulco any time soon. Putting the gun away, he drags Raquel out of the room.
Tonio arrives back in the mansion with Raquel and her family; Raquel is very embarrassed and wonders what will happen to her now. Later on, Daniel has a very serious talk with Tonio, explaining why he’d agreed to run away. Victoria is certain Tonio has a prosecution complex, having heard about the pistol incident. Raquel angrily denies kissing Max, daring the person who had said so to repeat it in front of her. Tonio is convinced she was telling the truth.
At the pool side, Camilla angrily watches Martha flirting outrageously with some friends, calling her a real ‘scum’. Maura notices Tonio strolling by and runs after him. Claudio and a friend, Rodrigo see Raquel going to visit her father.
 Rodrigo comments ‘she’s really beautiful.’ Claudio agrees but adds, ‘she has no class.’ (Neither do you, lazy bum!)
Carla goes to the bungalow and tries to get Raquel to join them at the pool, but she politely declines. In the house, Maura tries to flatter Tonio into going back to her but he refuses, accusing her of merely trying to bother Raquel. Raquel comes in to find them sitting closely together, disdainfully accepting Maura’s invitation to have dinner at a newly opened restaurant. After she leaves, she and Tonio talk and they are friends again.
Victoria gives Tonio a message that Claudio and Camilla want to see them about something; getting to their house, it turns out to be a request for another loan which he refuses. He advises Claudio to get a job and warns Camilla to stop saying nasty things about Raquel to everyone or he’ll throw her and Claudio out.
Raquel lies to Victoria that she had asked Max to help her out in leaving Tonio, which displeases Victoria very much.
Evil Max returns to Acapulco (honestly, the guy is crazy) and meets with his ally Luis, with plans to kill Tonio again.
Tonio gets back to the house and finds Raquel on the couch in the living room. She noticed he’s gloomy and asked what was wrong, but he said he was just tired. She comments he shouldn’t have gone back to the office so soon after the crash.
‘I’m just tired of supporting parasites and good for nothings.’(meaning Claudio and Camilla) but Raquel thought he was talking about her, which he quickly denied, ‘No! you’re something else.’
Uneasy again, she asked what he meant. Leaning close, he said, ‘Raquel, I like you, I like you very much.’
‘what of Maura?’ she asked.
Tonio assured her that Maura was in the past, she was the one he cared about her now. But Raquel still didn’t feel he was sincere, especially since he came home one day and found a woman who said she was his wife; who he didn’t know or ever meant. It would make much sense if they’d met in different circumstances.
Tonio agreed the circumstances weren’t normal but after getting to know her and talking with her about her problems, why wouldn’t he feel something for her?
Raquel was about to protest again but then Tonio lurched forward and kissed her very thoroughly (we all cheered loudly that evening) and this time she didn’t push him away, she kissed him back. He challenged her, she must feel something now. But Raquel is terrified of Max’s reaction and worried about Tonio's safety.
Max suddenly enters with Luis, fuming to see Tonio’s arm around Raquel.
‘what are you doing here?’ Tonio asked, furious.
‘Well, this is my house!’ Max snapped back, shamelessly.
‘No, it is my house and I thought I gave you enough money to go to hell and I asked you not to come back here.’
Max dares him to throw him out, he and Tonio grapple, to Raquel’s horror. Luis separates them and Victoria intervenes. Tonio walks away in anger and Victoria orders her to tell Tonio Max was not to blame for their problems.
Victoria finds Tonio in the study and begs him to let her leave; assuring him she’ll go somewhere where Max will never find her. But Tonio doesn’t want to lose her.
Claudio warns Camilla not to piss Tonio off by being nasty to Raquel, but Camilla insists no one could kick her out, her father had made the stipulation that Tonio was to make sure she was provided for.(sure, but not to gamble your money away). Claudio however feels they could use Raquel to influence Tonio instead.
Max drops a heavy hint to Tonio about already taking Raquel’s virginity. At home, Tonio cheers up a worried Raquel and asks her to prepare for their outing. As Raquel is about to enter her room, she runs into Max, who tells her to tell Tonio she was pregnant, that way he’ll let her go!

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