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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, Well, Well, now for the first time in history, there is a black man representing the Democratic Party for the Presidential election- Senator Barack Obama, who defeated Senator Hilary Clinton (former First Lady) in the primaries. One thing, we have to remember is that he’s not just representing the democrats, he’s also representing the entire black race and for sure they’ll turn out en masse to pray he’ll win. And when he wins (Insha Allah), he would fulfill Martin Luther King’s ‘dream’ at long, long last.
This will come as a shock, but during the primaries’ battle, I sided with neither Obama nor Mrs. Clinton. Why, you may ask? For two reasons; as a black woman, I wanted a black man to finally emerge as the President of the U.S.A after years of oppression, racism and inequality but Mrs. Clinton could have become the first female President too, and show the male chauvinist pigs what she can do at the Oval Office. I’m black but also a woman, so I had no idea who to support. The second reason; I’m strictly anti racist, I don’t believe in taking sides with someone just because he/she has the same color of my skin, but because of how the person is within, that is most important. America was racially divided during the O.J Simpson murder trial, most of the African Americans were sure he was innocent.
Obama is now the democratic candidate for the presidential election (something I prayed will happen one day after watching HEAD OF STATE for the first time some years back, my brother never believed it would happen, just like he was sure there’ll never be a female African president, but look at President (Mrs.) Johnson of Liberia today) and I wish him best of luck in the election (which I hope will NOT end up being rigged) and pray there’ll be no more nasty stories or caricatures of him, I heard the story about the alleged photo of him in a website in full African dress, seemed like Mrs. Hilary played dirty as well as turning out to be a sore lose with the way she shunned him when he offered her the olive branch the day after she was defeated, but later so I heard, turned round and said she was behind him. Well, with that development, maybe he’ll choose her as his running mate.

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