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Friday, June 27, 2008


Orlando makes some investigations and told Isabella that the car that had knocked Giacormo down was found, abandoned and the police believe the drivers were hired men. Isabella insinuates that the accident could be linked with Giacormo’s decision to testify against Laura in court. Laura consults a doctor about her illness, who decides to run some tests. At the hospital, Silvia comforts Nattie who is still fretting over Giacormo’s condition, full of regret over their fight, refusing to go home at Lorenzo’s suggestion. He and Silvia exchange looks but do not speak to each other yet again. Isabella ‘accidently’ informs a shocked Tony that the accident had been planned and points out that Laura had a vendetta against his father. But when Tony voiced his suspicions about Laura being responsible for his popsie’s state Laura denied it, claiming that he was probably run down because he had refused testifying against her, insinuating Lorenzo or Orlando could be behind it. Mimi is scornful her statement about Giacormo being her best friend. Empetriz expresses her hope that Isabella and Alex will hook up, instead of him going back to ‘that stupid Silvia’ but Evil Isabella tells her to get that idea out of her head, Alex was in love with Silvia. Empertiz pointed out that if Alex and Silvia got back together, she’ll be able to get her claws into Lorenzo, whom she’s obviously in love with. Isabella coldly reminded her that she invested a lot of money in her clothing factory; therefore she should watch her mouth.
Orlando informs Lorenzo on what he’d found out before leaving. Nattie still refuses to go home and suddenly remembered Laura had called asking about Giacormo after he’d left the office. Conan finally convinces her to go home and rest. Lorenzo and Silvia look at each other as she left. Giacormo moves in his sleep while Tony is there, who begins to pray, with the promise that he’ll change.
In the morning, Silvia asks Conan to call Lysette to help her with an advertising idea. Tony treats Lorenzo coldly when he comes to the hospital, remembering what Laura had said. Laura is given shocking news by her doctor; she’s pregnant!

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