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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Raquel indignantly refuses to do what he said and when he insisted, she guessed correctly he must have said something negative about her to Tonio and is furious, wonders what he’ll think of her now. Max drags her to his own room to talk, seen by Ramon, who is shocked but says nothing to Tonio who passed by. Raquel refuses to listen to Max and forcibly pushes him out of her way, much to his frustration.
Tonio and Raquel have dinner with Maura and Rodrigo. Luis finds Martha alone in the living room and hits on her but she turns him down disdainfully and goes upstairs.
Throughout the evening, Tonio focuses a lot of attention on Raquel, putting his arm around her and kissing her hand, which she warmly responds to but it annoys Maura very much. Rodrigo dances with Raquel later, Tonio watching in amusement. Maura and Rodrigo leave them behind. At Maura’s house, Rodrigo comments about Raquel, ‘she’s a special girl’ which annoys her more.
Tonio and Raquel get home very late, in a good mood and holding hands. Tonio leads her upstairs, to his room, which makes her uneasy again, but she enters. Tonio gives her shocking news; since it’s been 30 days and the marriage certificate had not been revoked, it was now valid, they were legally married!
Raquel was surprised but asked when they’ll get a divorce. Visibly hurt, Toni said anytime she wanted but first he had to tell her; he was in love with her.
Alas- fear made her not believe him- she told him to his face that he was just saying that to get her into bed. Disappointed, he allowed her to go back to her room, immediately she felt ashamed for hurting him.
The next morning, Raquel finds Maura in the living room and got a shock when Tonio came down and informed her he was taking Maura sailing in the yacht for the whole day, and wont be coming home for lunch.

She watches them leave hand in hand…

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